Hainan Dongshan Ridge
Dongshan Ridge, although not very high at 184 meters, has been called "the best mountain in Hainan" (the Chinese love to say that something is "number one" ). With beautiful landscapes and local specialties, Dongshan is one of the best attractions on Hainan’s eastern coast.

One of Dongshan Ridge’s more interesting sights is the "Flying Stone" (Feilai Shi). This stone is more than ten meters high and wide, and weighs over a hundred tons. This gigantic stone perches rather precariously and when the wind blows, it shakes slightly, but it never tumbles down the mountain. Other stangely-shaped stones are dotted around the area. Caves and grottoes can be found around here too and calligraphic stone inscriptions and temples (like Chaoyin Temple – famous with overseas Chinese throughout Southeast Asia) can be found among the mountain’s cultural relics.

The Dongshan Ridge area also has several local specialiaties to offer visitors. Zhegu tea ( 鹧鸪茶 also known as Lingzi Cao) is made from wild tea trees and has a wonderful flavor and aroma. Dongshan sheep are said to eat the local wild tea and other special plants found in mountain caverns, thus the lamb here is said to be particuarly tasty. In fact, Dongshan Sheep were a precious commodity used in political and religious tributes to important persons during the Song Dynasty. Hele crabs are also famous in the area.

How to get there: The only way to reach this spot is to take a motorcycle or pedicab from Wanning city center. 


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