An aigrette in Wuyi Village – the paradise of aigrettes in Hainan.

Wuji Village (屋基村) of Luoji Town (洛基镇), located 10 km north of Danzhou City (儋州市), is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation and has become the habitat of tens of thousands of aigrettes. Thus, it acquires a reputation as ‘Aigrette’s Paradise’. Three four-storey banyan trees in the village with wide crown are a spacious home for them.

These aigrettes have dwelled in Wuji Village for more than 20 years. Around every Tomb-Sweeping Day (a traditional Chinese festival on April 5th for visiting ancestral graves), aigrettes arrive in large flocks and then leave around the time the Hoar Frost Descends (18th solar term), residing here more than eight months.

As dusk descends, it is a very spectacular scene when thousands of aigrettes fly back to the village. Recently, a six-layer bird-watching tower is built in Wuji Village.

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