Located in the Yingbing Road area, Laku-Laku is a new Sanya dining establishment where diners can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. 
Ben is the owner and a chef himself. He opened Laku-Laku in January this year, and has also successfully operated Sanya Dolphin Bar and Royal Fusion — two of the most popular western and Chinese bars and restaurants in the city — for over three years.
Immediately upon entering the restaurant, guests are struck by its charming traditional Japanese decor. Complete with a sushi bar, a light wooden seating area decorated with Japanese calligraphy, a kabuki gallery and ukiyo-e prints, and private rooms floored with tatami mats, the restaurant has a refined and unpretentious appeal. It provides guests the flexibility to enjoy a dining experience with a "come as you are" attitude for any occasion.

Laku-Laku not only prides itself on the atmosphere of its restaurant, but also the freshness of its ingredients. Signature menu items include the mini hotpots and the sushi and sashimi platters, exquisitely prepared with the skills and knowledge of sushi chefs. Nearly all the raw materials and seasoning are shipped from Japan by air to ensure freshness. On the menu you can also find some quality imported meats and seafood from Australia, Denmark, America, New Zealand, Ecuador, Canada, Chile, and Argentina.


Customers can get a bit of entertainment along with their food at the sushi and sashimi counter, where they can choose their sushi ingredients and methods of preparation, then get to enjoy watching the chef prepare their dish on the spot.
Zhao Yang, head chef of the Laku-Laku Japanese Restaurant
Head Chef Zhao Yang has over eight years of experience in Japanese cuisine. He seeks to delight customers’ palates with the restaurant’s impressive lineup of Japanese ingredients and homemade sauces. Beverage deals are also available for certain meal offerings to allow customers to save on their favorite drinks.
"We wanted to create something that would be youthful, affordable, and offer great food. The response has been really good and we are expecting more clients as we are confident about the food quality and taste,” said Chef Ben.
Whether it’s an intimate date, a family gathering, or a post-work powwow, come to Laku-Laku to enjoy the Japanese all-you-can-eat dining experience. The price is set at RMB 128 per person. If you’re looking for an excellent, genuine sushi or sashimi experience, you may want to give them a try!
Tel: +86-898-8820 7799
Address: Shop 103, Zhong Tie Zhi Ye Plaza, 165 Yingbin Road, Sanya City, Hainan Province海南省三亚市迎宾路165号中铁置业广场103号商铺 (中铁子悦台玖乐集售楼中心旁内进200米)