Sanya has more to offer than fabulous scenic spots; visitors are just as often attracted by the diverse eateries in the city. When it comes to unique dining experiences, Sanya has everything in abundance, including starred hotels serving top-notch international fare, food courts, snack bars, and hawkers’ centers. Visitors can spend hours looking at all the fascinating food on offer.
When considering where to go for dinner in Sanya, the city’s Commercial Street is widely thought of as one of the best choices.
Within walking distance of the Sanya River and the Sanya Experimental Middle School, the Commercial Street has long been one of the most prosperous and bustling streets in the city. A wide range of restaurants and eateries line the alleyways of the Commercial Street, which captures the essence of the spirit of Sanya and easily earns its reputation as a foodie’s paradise.
If you want to taste all kinds of food from throughout China, prepare yourself for a diverse culinary exploration. Upon visiting the Commercial Street, one quickly realizes that most of the restaurants along its alleyways sell something different from the one next door. Northeast Chinese cuisine, as well as foods from Hunan and Sichuan provinces, are the leading delicacies here – all at reasonable prices.
Every night after sundown, a wide variety of people gather here to dine with friends. The Commercial Street is a must-try for any visitor to Sanya, and one of the popular locations for the local late-night snacks in Sanya. 
As the street is located in the city center, many major public buses run here, including the 4, 7 and 12 routes. The Commercial Street is a place that will keep you coming back for one more exploration of its surprising offerings and fantastic foods.