One of the best bonuses to travel to a new place is to savor its local food, especially at a place like Wanning City in Hainan.
The coastal city offers cozy beaches and sunshine year around, where fresh fruits and seafood are not a seasonal delight, but regular menu.
No Wanning tour is complete without getting a taste of the local dishes. The following dishes were chosen as being particularly representative of Wanning and they still enjoy popularity among local residents and tourists alike.
Dongshan Lamb 东山羊
Dongshan Lamb is one of the four most special dishes of Hainan cuisine. It has been famous since the Song Dynasty, and was once listed as tribute to the court. Originating from Dongshan Ridge, Dongshan Lamb is made from stewed, roasted, or braised in coconut milk, which the meat is tender and soft.
Hele Crab 和乐蟹
A dish originating from the town of Hele Township, near Wanning in the south of Hainan.
Hele crab has rich, meaty flesh rarely found in other species. Particularly special is its golden yellow fat, which is the same color as the yolk of a salted duck egg and has a fragrant aroma and rich nutritional content.
Guests are encouraged to eat the steamed crabs with a dipping sauce from ginger, garlic and vinegar to accentuate the wonderful, natural flavors of the local delight.
Gangbei Shrimp港北对虾
Sourced from the intersection of freshwater and sea water from the Gangbei Lagoon, the sweet savory taste from shrimp combine with various seasoning that will make you want for more: from fried cris 002002py shrimp, boiled shrimp to grilled shrimp.
Hou’an Mullet 后安鲻鱼
Originating from Hou’an Sea, Hou’an Mullet is a specialty dish in Hou’an Town.
The mullet is available all the year round. The best time of year for eating mullet is between July and December when the Hou’an Mullet are most abundant.
It is prepared in a variety of ways, with steaming and stewing being the most popular.