Lovers of Chinese cuisine can head to Chengmai County, Hainan as the Ruixi Food Street opened on June 18th.


The Ruixi Food Street covers a total length of 1,800 meters, with stores selling all kinds of traditional and tasty Chengmai snacks from homemade dried beef to the region's famous Fushan coffee.


This new tourist service complex is expected to become an introduction center of Ruixi food products and an attractive destination for tourists visiting Chengmai.


According to the reports, some stores are providing a variety of promotions in its early days, with the aim of bringing in more customers.


Chengmai, which is a famous Longevity County in the north area of Hainan, boasts abundant leisure travel resources, including four scenery towns, one of which is the 3A national scenic spot, the Fushan Coffee Cultural Scenery Town.