If one had traipsed through Wuzhishan in a single day, he probably would’ve left the place remembering three things – hot springs, rainforests and Shuiman tea.
One of well-known teas on sunny Hainan Island, Shuiman tea has a light, calming fragrance and smooth taste.
In ancient times, Shuiman Tea was accepted as a "tribute" tea reserved for the emperor.
The tea preserves its fresh aroma and has a very pleasant and naturally sweet taste and gives the drinker’s mouth a nice feeling.
The best way to cop free samples of the stuff is to skip the storefronts and teahouses and head straight to the source — Wuzhishan’s Shuiman Village.
Located at the rear of the village, the tea garden is surrounded by incredibly idyllic terraces roamed by straw-hatted harvesters who pick each leaf by hand.
The region features an enormous native jungle and hills terraced with tea plantations and areas filled with wild trees that are many years old.
The tea leaf harvest stretches from the early spring through the summer months – the best time to visit the tea gardens in Shuiman Village.

During a visit, visitors can stroll through the lush plantation, drink tea at some of the tea houses in the village, and trek into the hills through the historic tea trails among acres of carefully manicured rows of stout tea plants bursting with tiny flat, emerald leaves. Experts are on-hand to demonstrate the hand-frying tea leaf technique as well as discuss the many medicinal qualities.
To head home with some fine green leaves, you can buy Shuiman tea directly from any of the owners of the tea gardens who will try their best to lure you into their homes.
If you’re lucky enough, you may even be invited back to the plantation owner’s workshop to watch how the tea leaves are prepared by hand, a practice that takes years to perfect.