With restaurants serving a mind-boggling variety of Chinese cuisine, as well as a wide range of top-notch international fare, Sanya has a culinary scene that reflects the diversity of the city itself.
As the winter season is coming up, what’s better than indulging in a steamy hotpot dinner together with friends and family?
Hotpot restaurants in Sanya are full of fresh seafood, green vegetables, and the various flavors of fish balls or meat balls.
WOS has picked some of the best hotpot restaurants in town, from Sichuan "numbing-spicy" restaurants, to northern-style chains to Hainan-seafood-style broths. Those who are in need of eating some hot and steaming food to keep warm should look no further than some of these impressive restaurants on offer throughout the city.
Dong Lai Shun 东来顺
This Northern-style hotpot chain is perhaps the most popular and famous in China. Founded in 1903 by Hui minority cook Ding Deshan, its restaurants have been used by Chinese leaders to entertain guests, including Henry Kissinger.

The plain broth grows richer as you dip in more meat, and its enriched by a dip in Dong Lai Shun’s renowned sauces – with peanut satay, chopped coriander, red fulu (fermented tofu) and chili oil provided for you to mix your on your own. The food is tasty if not spectacular, but with the chain’s history and a great atmosphere fuelled by their steamy, coal-heated cloisonne pots daubed with dragons, it makes for a great hotpot night out.
Add: Zhonghua Food Street, Xinfeng Road, Sanya三亚市新风路中华美食城美食一条街内进200
Tel: 0898-88666605
Little Sheep 小肥羊
As you’d expect from the name, the lamb here is tender and they even offer several delicious cuts of organic lamb. The selling point for Little Sheep, though, is the broth. Both the mild white broth and the red-hot spicy broth are loaded with all manner of spices, medicinal roots and pods which come together into an intense – and addictive – soup that’s so pungent there’s no need for any dipping sauce.
Add: Opposite the Chunyuan Seafood Restaurant, Hexi Road, Sanya三亚市河西路春园海鲜广场对面
Tel: 0898-88366855
Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot三亚重庆刘一手火锅
Liu Yi Shou is a famous hotpot brand in Chongqing that is more suitable for the taste of guests coming from places outside of Chongqing.
This renowned hotpot chain is for out-of-towners and other such spicy lightweights. The soup is sweet and not as spicy as those in other local eateries of this kind.
Add: 2/F, Tietong Building, Shangpinjie Street, Sanya三亚市商品街大道96号铁通大厦2
Tel: 0898-88699388
Hainan-style Seafood Hotpot 海鲜打边炉
Dabianlu (hotpot) is one of the best ways to enjoy seafood in Sanya as it retains the original flavor of the catch very well.
A typical seafood hotpot includes an assortment of seafood such as nutritious fish head, prawns, clams, crab and other fine choices as well as plates of green vegetables for dipping in the pale soup bases.
To enhance one’s taste, diners can choose to dip the seafood in different sauces like chili, ginger or dark soy sauce. Generally, guests can enjoy a tempting and nutritious low fat meal with a balanced nutritional offering as well.