Sanya food streets have their own unique character and specializations. Apart from an abundance of seafood, Sanya gathers a variety of Chinese food with different but fantastic and mouthwatering flavors.


Several food streets have formed over the years. The famous ones are Shangpin Street, Chunyuan Road, Waimao Street and Xinmin Street. A number of good restaurants that deserve to be tried are located on these streets.


1.  Jianshe Street 建设街



An old food street located at city center, there are a number of western restaurants along the road featuring Hainan’s popular snack food, Lanzhou Hand-pulled Beef Noodles, various morsels from Northeastern China, distinctive Sichuan dishes and much more, all in one location.


2. Shengli Road 胜利路



This road is a Mecca for traditional Hainanese-cuisine lovers, including Huangliu Duck, Hot Spring Goose and Jiaji Duck.


3. Waimao Road 外贸路



Waimao Road features both southern and northern snacks. If you want to taste all kinds of food from around the country, Waimao Road is the place to go. Here, a number of restaurants host not only local Hainanese cuisine but regional Chinese specialties as well.


4. Tuanjie Street 团结街



Tuanjie Street, as one of the oldest food streets in Sanya, has been renovated over the last two years. You can also taste various kinds of food here. The food street offers cuisines from all over the country and boasts a great selection of outdoor BBQs.


5. Shangpin Street 商品街



Shangpin Street is one of the most popular food streets in the city. It is packed with a large number of restaurants and it attracts many residents and tourists alike with its distinctive cuisines and reasonable prices. Cuisines from the Dongbei region, as well as Hunan and Sichuan provinces are the leading delicacies here.


6. Xinmin Street 新民街



Just a couple steps from the Sanya No. 1 Market lies one of Sanya’s seafood meccas: Xinmin Street. This short thoroughfare turns into a hectic pedestrian street at nightfall as crowds of hungry diners queue up for a taste of the ocean that they have picked up at the Market.


The street also boasts some local special snacks such as Qingbuliang, a cool refreshing drink, as well as Chao Bing (Hainan Fried Fruit Ice), a highly-recommended snack for a steamy evening.


7. Chunyuan Road 春园路



Chunyuan Road, near Mingzhu Square, could also accurately be called hotpot street. Nearly ten Hainan-style hotpot restaurants do business on this street, offering seafood hotpot, mutton hotpot, beef hotpot and chicken hotpot.


8. Pedestrian Street at Jiefang Road 解放路步行街




The Pedestrian Street at Jiefang Road integrates shopping with food. The street offers a collection of mid-sized western food restaurants.