Living in Sanya, one can be sure to find an exciting range of special snacks and dishes coming from different regions in China, such as Dongbei dishes, Sichuan dishes, and many more. Shaanxi snacks and dishes have a long history and are popular with Chinese people and can also be tasted in Sanya. Shaanxi cuisine and snacks are well known for their variety and are full of the established cuisine features of northwestern China. 


Rou Jia Mo (肉夹馍)



Like the name suggests, the ‘Chinese hamburger’ (Rou Jia Mo) is a typical Shaanxi-style meaty snack which can be held easily with your hands as you eat it. Literally, it is translated as "meat pinched between bread." The bread is chewy and the meat (beef or pork) inside tastes great and is tender and fragrant.


Liang Pi (凉皮)



Liang Pi is one of the most popular Shaanxi snacks. Literally, Liang Pi is translated as ‘Cool Noodles’. It is a traditional noodle-like dish of Shaanxi Province which is made from wheat or rice flour. The cold noodles are mixed with a special sauce with a spicy and sour taste.


Qishan Noodles (岐山面)



Qishan Noodles, also called Saozi noodles (臊子面), have a long history which can be dated back to the Qing Dynasty. It is called Qishan Noodles just because it originated from Qishan County in Shaanxi province. The noodles are hand-made with wheat flour. The ingredients mainly include shredded pork, grass leaves, dry-lily, eggs, bean curd and carrots. The noodles taste sour and spicy.


In Sanya, there are many popular restaurants for you to taste authentic Shaanxi snacks and dishes.


1.       Shaanxi Noodle Shops大槐树山西老面王



Add: 1/F, Sheng Jing Jin Bi Yuan Residential Community, Waimao Road, Sanya 三亚市外贸路10号盛京金碧苑1

Tel: 0898-38295932


2.       Jiu Mao Jiu Shaanxi Restaurant 九毛九山西老面馆

Add: 3/F, International Shopping Center, Jiefang 1st Road, Sanya三亚市解放1路国际购物中心3

Tel: 0898-31081168


3.       Shaanxi Noodle Restaurant 山西面馆

Add: 27, Lane 12, Shangpinjie Street, Linchunhe Road, Sanya三亚市临春河路商品街12127

Tel: 0898-88986501


4.       Shaanxi Noodle Restaurant 山西面庄

Add: 22, Shangpinjie Avenue, Sanya (close to Hedong Road) 三亚市商品街大道22(靠近河东路)

Tel: 0898-88265886