The Russians, most of who live in frigid zones, fly over half of the earth to Sanya for the sake of tropical sunlight. Coming along with them are their delicious, fragrant Russian cuisines. Just like Russian people’s bold and unconstrained character, Russian food features sumptuous dishes and strong flavors. Borscht soup, Irkutsk salad, Russian meat cakes, together with sweet red wine and strong vodka are usually shared by an entire family, whose members sit around a furnace in a small wood cabin tasting the unique flavor of a great meal and enjoying the warmth and affection of family life in the cold winter.
In Sanya, however, the Russian food is served in a different sentiment despite the unchanged style. A great dinner with Russian meat soup, fried Russian string cheese, and Cappuccino coffee in Sanya is quite exquisite. Sanya’s sunlight sets off the traditional Russian food by contrasting it with a full-bodied tropical sentiment while heating the dishes to give off a mouth-watering odor and present an unfamiliar appeal.
Here is a list of recommended Russian restaurants in Sanya:
1.       Wooden House Russian Restaurant小木屋俄罗斯西餐厅  
Add: 1F, Hua Yu Yuan, Dadonghai, Yuya Avenue, Sanya三亚市榆亚路大东海华豫苑1
Tel: +86 898 88211527  
2.  Saint Petersberg圣彼得堡西餐厅
Add: 1st Floor, South China Hotel, Dadonghai, Sanya三亚市大东海南中国酒店1   
Tel: +86 898 88219875 
3Kievruss Restaurant基辅罗斯餐厅
Add: Luling Road, Dadonghai, Sanya三亚市大东海鹿岭路            
Tel: +0898-88217881, 13807500409
Opening hours: 11:00am-10:00pm
4.       Western Restaurant at Pearl River Garden Hotel珠江花园酒店绿岛西餐厅
Add: 2nd Floor, Pearl River Garden Hotel, Dadonghai District, Sanya三亚旅游区大东海珠江花园酒店2      
Tel: +86 898 88211888