Hunan cuisine, sometimes also called Xiangcai, is one of the eight regional cuisines of China.
Hunan cuisine is popular for its hot spicy and sour flavors, fresh aromas and deep color, as well as sophisticated cooking and cutting techniques. Common cooking techniques include stewing, frying, pot-roasting, braising, and smoking.
Hunan cuisine is less oily than Sichuan cuisine and the abundance of fresh red and green chili peppers, scallions, ginger and garlic make Hunan cuisine arguably the spiciest cuisine in China.
Another characteristic distinguishing Hunan cuisine from Sichuan cuisine is that, in general, Hunan cuisine uses smoked and cured goods in its dishes much more frequently.
There are many Hunan or Xiang restaurants in Sanya, big and small. Here are some of the recommended restaurants that are evidently pretty popular with locals. However, due to its hot and spicy flavor, be sure to take care of your stomach when giving them a try!
1.       Red Sun Sea View Restaurant      红太阳海景酒楼
The restaurant is situated at the "coconut seaside avenue" of Sanya Bay and features a new "Tang Dynasty" elegant decorative theme and a cozy environment which fully captures the sunset sights and seascape in the near distance. The restaurant covers a floorage of 1500sqm which can hold 600 persons dining at a time. The 1st floor banquet hall is bright and spacious, presenting a pristine yet noble look.
Add: 13, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya三亚湾路13
Tel: +86 898 88261998
2.       Ai Wan Ting 爱晚亭
Add: 2nd Floor, Lin Da Sea View Hotel, Dadonghai, Sanya三亚市大东海林达酒店2
Tel: +86 898 88213555
3.       Fu Rong Ge Hunan Restaurant 三亚芙蓉阁湘菜馆
Add: Yuhuayuan Hotel, Luling Road, Dadonghai, Sanya  三亚市大东海鹿岭路玉华苑酒店内
Tel: +86 898 88228888
4.       Xianglin Restaurant 三亚湘临餐馆
Add: Xinfeng Street, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya 三亚市三亚湾路新风街口
Tel: +86 898 38899998
5.       Hao Shi Hui 好食汇
Add: 1/F, Sunshine Building, Hedong Road, Sanya 三亚市河东路284阳光大厦首层
Tel: +86 898 88880018
6.  Xiang Lian You Shui Yu    湘良友水鱼(湘菜馆)
Add: 34, Rongdeyuan Community, Fenghuang Road, Sanya 三亚市区凤凰路荣德苑34
Tel: +86 898 38896888
7.      Hunan Restaurant 湖南人
Add: 1-2/F, Huirong Seaview Hotel, Chunyuan Road, Sanya三亚市春园路汇融海景酒店1-2 (明珠广场后面)
Tel: 0898-38262555 0898-38265333