Dongbei cuisine is the general name of cuisines from China's northeastern Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces. It is not among the famous Eight Cuisines in China. However, Dongbei cuisine has its own characteristics.


Comparing with Hunan cuisine and Sichuan cuisine which are famous for their hot and spicy flavor, Dongbei Cuisine with salty sauces but little capsicums or peppercorns is easier to be accepted by the Sanya locals and the tourists. The dishes in the Dongbei cuisine restaurants are likely to be served in large containers. You will find them really substantial and inexpensive.


Dongbei restaurants are usually decorated with much exaggerated colors and use crude wooden chairs. The dishes there look not that dainty. Due to the above, it seems hard for Dongbei cuisine to get rid of its indelicate image. However, in recent years, many restaurants of Dongbei cuisine try to make some new and creative dishes with tasty flavors and delicate appearances. The fittings are also improved.


Here are the recommended Dongbei restaurants in Sanya:


1.       Xin Yuan Dumpling Restaurant鑫源饺子王

Add: 159, Heping Street, Sanya三亚市和平街159

Tel: +86 898 88362212


2.       Dongbei Dumpling King东北饺子王

Add: 2, Xinfeng Road, Sanya(opposite China Everbright Bank)三亚市新风街口2(光大银行对面)

Tel: +86 898 82567008


3.       Dong Fu Jiang Gu东府酱骨

Add: Xiayangtian Community, Fenghuang Road, Sanya三亚市凤凰路下洋田社区

Tel: +86 898 88672888


4.       Yi Jia Yi Dumpling Restaurant壹加壹饺子馆

Add: Alley 13, Shangpinjie Street, Sanya三亚市商品街13

Tel: +86 898 31809888


5.       Yu Qing Hua御清花饺子

Add: Jiefang 3rd Road, Sanya三亚市解放三路

Tel: +86 898 8836 6615


6.       Dongbei King Dumpling Restaurant东北王饺子

Add: 11, Dadonghai, Sanya三亚市大东海11

Tel: +86 898 88212192


7.       Dongbei Dumpling City东北良心饺子城

Add: 17, Jiefang 4th Road, Sanya三亚市解放417

Tel: +86 898 88273219


8.       Dongbei No. 1 Food City东北第一家美食城

Add: 1/F, Nanguo Junyuan Community, Hexi Road, Sanya三亚市河西路南国骏园一楼

Tel: +86 898 38267599