It will be a missing if you have not tried Korean food which is some of the healthiest on earth. With an emphasis on grains, vegetables and meats, Korean dishes are cooked simply and seasoned with some popular spices and sauces including sesames and sesame oil, chili pepper paste, soybean paste, garlic, ginger and chili pepper flakes.


A Korean meal is featured by numerous shared side dishes selected to complement each other. To Koreans, food is something beyond filling up the stomach. Eating is a way to connect to people and provide body with tastes as well as medicine. So a meal with numerous components made of various ingredients is a means to transform philosophy to real life.


Since the South Korean soap operas won the hearts of Chinese audiences over some past 10 years, in Sanya, there are a number of Korean restaurants have started to climb their way up local restaurant lists.


Here are the three popular Korean restaurants in Sanya that will bring you to the tasty journey of this peninsula cuisine exploration.



Korean Palace韩轩







Korean Palace, located within the Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort, is an upscale addition to the Korean dining scene in Sanya.


They offer authentic Korean food so that it is a good option for those who like Korean cuisine or have a large group to entertain or are even searching for a good place for kids.


They use very fresh materials to make exquisite dishes. The decor features an elaborate setting that gives customers a glimpse of Korean folk culture.


Tel: 0898-88558888 ext. 6128

Add: Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort, Sanya三亚市亚龙湾红树林度假酒店



Korean Barbecue 韩雅烤肉



Korean Barbecue is a place for meat eaters as grilled steak is the specialty here.


The steaks are prepared South Korean-style: grilled over charcoal until almost all of the oil has been forced out, leaving the meat tender, but not greasy.


Besides a wide range of other dishes to choose from, there are also plenty of complimentary side dishes that will be ferried to your table — making this place a great gathering point for a large group.


Tel: 0898-88295599

Add: 72, Jinjiling Road, Sanya三亚市区金鸡岭路72


Han Jiang Ting 汉江亭韩国料理


Han Jiang Ting is spotted on the 3rd floor of Block B at Shanhaitian Hotel (山海天大酒店). The outlet serves Korea-based authentic food with ingredients from home, with which the best representative is its seasoned beef, roasted pork, Korean cold noodles etc.


All dishes are prepared with handpicked raw materials and ingredients. The meat is barbecued on a special oven and wrapped in fresh vegetables in appetizing methods to lure your taste buds. 


Add: 3F, Shanhaitian Hotel, Dadonghai, Sanya 三亚市大东海山海天酒店3

Tel: 0898-88211688