As the weather in Sanya is turning up the heat, travelers and locals alike are looking for ways to cool down. But instead of the quintessential summer treats common in Western countries like ice cream and popsicles, Sanya has its very own version of summer fare, and if you asked a handful of locals about their favorite sweets during the hot summer months, most would answer the same.
Sweet treats like Fried Ice and Qingbuliang are the most popular local specialties that Sanya is known for during scorching summer months.
Fried ice
Known as “Chao Bing”, it’s a highly-recommended snack for a steamy tropical evening.
This ice-cream like dessert is blended with tropical fruits and chilled on a super cooled pan until it becomes smooth like sorbet. Visitors can try any combination of the fresh tropical fruits on display.
When visiting Sanya, you can look for good Chao Bing vendors at popular night markets like No.1 Market. Many stores do not English signage, but they offer lots of pictures boxes, so just wander around and point to whichever one you want to order.
At hot summer evenings locals like to feast on cold Qingbuliang, a kind of cold sweet "soup". It is usually served in small glass of bowls, made of sweetened coconut water with soya pearls, baked taro, oatmeal, quail eggs, red dates, beans and jelly. Other variations are also possible. You can choose the ingredients by your self.
In Sanya, Qingbuliang can be found department store food courts, small food shops and portable street stalls on various alleyways.