Hainan people prefer to slow down the tempo and enjoy a leisurely lifestyle; moreover, less pollution also provides a good environment, these might be the main reasons that Hainan people on average live longer. 


Drinking so-called Daddy Tea is one of the most characteristic local leisure activities for the Hainanese. Daddy Tea gets it name from those who enjoy it, many of whom are middle-aged men.



In Sanya, places of this kind of traditional daddy tea can often be found along the narrow streets, where you can see groups of three or four people sitting near the street with some snacks on a table.



These teahouses, standing along the street, are often simply decorated. Inside these tea houses is only some desks and chairs with fragrant tea and local tasty desert.

Drinking Daddy Tea does not mean to drink any famous tea, the tea is ordinary tea like green tea, red tea, or jasmine tea. 



In the afternoon, the teahouses are always full of people and smoke. People in the teahouses usually read newspapers, talk with friends about, and discuss issues with acquaintances, sometimes spending the whole day in there. As these teahouses are barely furnished, the price of food and tea there are cheap.



You don’t have to make reservations to go there. Just be there and order a pot of tea with a dish of peanuts or some snacks. However, considerate services are always provided, even if you are drinking in the teahouse from the early morning till the late afternoon.


The tea stall is an important part of local life. If you want to learn more about Hainan, just go drink Daddy Tea.