Sanya is abundant with various species of seafood. For native Sanya people, seafood is a must in their family reunion banquets, wedding banquet, and other big dinners. When dining out with friends or family, people often go for a seafood dinner.



In Sanya, whether in restaurants or at home, the most popular and easy way to enjoy seafood is to go for seafood hotpot.


Instead of being cooked in spicy broth like Sichuan Hotpot, the traditional seafood hotpot here tastes much milder.


There are many hotels’ restaurants and squares serving seafood hotpot on their menu. On the long stretching list of such gourmet destinations, No. 1 Market, Chunyuan Square and Youyi Seafood Square are considered the culinary hotspots of the city.


These places are generally loud and crowded. People eat and drink around the table in a foggy atmosphere with the inimitable hotpot smell.


Tourists who prefer to eat the fresh catch from the sea in the spacious restaurant facing the harbor can go to the Hongsha Fishing Rafts, which never disappoints visitors with its wealth of and freshness of seafood.



A typical seafood hotpot includes an assortment of seafood such as nutritious fish head, prawns, clams, crab and other fine choices as well as plates of green vegetables for dipping in the pale soup bases. To enhance one’s taste, diners can choose to dip the seafood in different sauces like chili, ginger or dark soy sauce. Generally, guests can enjoy a tempting and nutritious low fat meal with a balanced nutritional offering as well.