Fusion food has gained popularity in recent years. Asian fusion restaurants, which combine the various cuisines of different Asian countries, have become popular in many parts of the United States and the United Kingdom. In Australia, due to the increasing influx of migrants, fusion cuisine is being reinvented and is becoming the norm at a great many cafes and restaurants. Just like Melbourne, Sydney and New York before it, Sanya is seeing a similar trend.
 Royal Fusion is a fusion food restaurant that very recently opened inside the compound of The Hawaiian Hotel in Dadonghai area.
In the heart of the city, there’s a new place that’s hard not to love. For lovers of spacious and classy spaces with a romantic atmosphere, this is a ‘must visit’ and is surely destined to become a trendy spot that will renew and bring new life to the wining & dining scene in Sanya.
Royal Fusion is a fusion food restaurant that very recently opened inside the compound of The Hawaiian Hotel in Dadonghai area. With brand new cooking concepts and elements, Royal Fusion is earnestly striving to forge itself into a culinary icon in the city.
From preparation to completion, Mr. Ben, the Restaurant’s owner and one of its chefs, is determined to develop the restaurant into a must-try with brand new cooking concepts and elements.
New Zerland Lamb Fillet
Black Cod Fillet and Salmon Fillet
The restaurant features an array of culinary delights combining the most delicious elements of a variety of culinary traditions. Each dish is a small piece of art showcasing the chef’s appreciation and flair for simple but elegant food.
Grilled U.S Beef Short Rib Steak on Fire Stone
On the menu you can find lamb fillet, grilled wild salmon, rib-eye steaks as well as European cod fillet, all made from imported ingredients. Appetizers like Cold Chicken, Smoked Sliced Pork Alaska King Crab, Japanese Seaweed and fried calamari are also available.
The restaurant’s innovative chefs, each trained and certified by top culinary schools, will take your palate global with a lineup of complimentary and specialty options. Pair your meals with a beverage package to include your favorite drinks.
Besides the Chef’s menu, Royal Fusion also accepts special orders to create uniquely customized dishes for customers.


Prices are reasonable but the ambience is impressive which is good for intimate and private gatherings and family bonding affairs.
Cold Dishes
Thai Style Spiced Beef Shank Tossed in Chef’s Dressing———-45rmb
Chef’s Smoked Pork ————————————————————-49rmb
Chinese main course
Royal Fusion Stir Noodles ——————————————————29rmb
Royal Fusion Fried Rice ———————————————————35rmb
Entrée Western
Alaska King Crab Legs with Japanese Seaweed ———————–55rmb
Main course western
Grilled U.S Beef Short Rib Steak on Fire Stone————————-109rmb
Royal Fusion Restaurant & Wine Lounge三亚宫满西廷创意美食酒廊
Add: No 62 Yuya Road Dadonghai Sanya (The first floor Hawaiian hotel compound) 三亚市大东海榆亚大道62号夏威夷酒店副楼首层
Reservation phone: +86 898-8865 9988