If you haven’t yet had a chance to taste authentic Thai cuisine in the exotic country of Thailand, you now have an easier alternative. You can now take part in a special Thai-style culinary adventure, courtesy of The Big Kitchen restaurant at the Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa, as their celebrated Executive Chef has prepared a large variety of authentic Thai cuisines for diners.

Thai cuisine is renowned for its diversity of ingredients, complex combinations of spices and intricate flavors and aromas. Many Thai dishes are prepared with a blend of herbal ingredients that are purported to have health benefits.


Tom Yum Kung


Tom Yum Kung is one dish which comes highly recommended by the Executive Chef, it is a spicy Thai soup made with fresh seasonal vegetables, shrimps, and mushrooms, which will excite your taste buds with its distinctive and hot and sour flavor.



Thai Chicken Minced Salad and Paneng Chicken Curry


The restaurant also will also be offering some tempting chef specialty options that will appeal to patrons of all ages. Some of the best selections are Thai Chicken Minced Salad and Paneng Chicken Curry.

You can invite some of your close friends here, to taste the authentic Thai dishes with you in the restaurant together from 6am to 11am in the morning and 6pm to 10pm in the afternoon every day.


SOURCE: WOS Food & Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa