Wenchang Chicken


Wenchang Chicken ranks tops among the "Four Traditional Famous Hainan Dishes" (the other three are Dongshan Mutton, Hele Crab, and Jiaji Duck) and is a must-try dish for each tourist coming to Hainan.

Authentic Wenchang Chicken is named after its place of origin — Wenchang City. The well-fed home-bred chicken tastes very good with smooth and soft meat, flaky skin, and soft bones after steaming. This dish has some fat but is not greasy.

The most traditional way to prepare Wenchang Chicken is "white cutting" (also called "white slicing", that is, the chicken is immersed in almost boiling hot water and cooked to preserve its softness and tenderness and then sliced), which can capture the original flavor and taste of Wenchang Chicken that has such features as freshness, tenderness, and smoothness.

Condiments for Wenchang Chicken dish are specially prepared, and minced garlic, soy sauce, and orange juice are popular. People in Hainan do not often use vinegar; however, orange juice is a must for them.

Where to enjoy Wenchang Chicken in Sanya

Haiya Restaurant 海亚餐厅
Haiya Restaurant gives priority to Hainan-style dishes and seafood. Here the dishes are light and the Wenchang Chicken is tender. It is a restaurant that is popular among the local people. If you want to get a taste of authentic Hainan-style home-style cooking, Haiya restaurant is the right place to come.

Tel: 0898-88276962, 88362388
Add: No.168, Xinfeng Road, Sanya, Hainan 

Dongjiao Yelin Seafood Town 东郊椰林海鲜城
Special dance shows are presented when dishes are served in Seafood Town, and customers can appreciate songs and dances with ethnic characteristics of Hainan as well as the delicious seafood. The Wenchang Chicken is also a very popular dish here for its tender, juicy meat and fresh flavor.

Tel: 0898-88210999, 88213338
Add: No.109, Yulin Road, Dadonghai, Sanya

Hainan Guancai 海南官菜
Located at the No. 5 Resort Villa Hotel, this restaurant is one of the city’s best options for tasting local Hainan dishes. The signature dish of Hainan Guan Cai is Jiaji Duck (one of the most famous dishs in Hainan Province. And it is said that the duck is stewed in the soup for 8 hours). Other highly recommended dishes are Wenchang Chicken, stir-fried winged beans with XO sauce, rice cooked in coconut, and Wuzhi Mount boar meat.

Tel: 0898-8855 9999
Add: No. 5 Resort Villa Hotel, Yalong Bay National Resort Dist 


SOURCE: WOS Food & www.hellocities.com