Haikou restaurants
1. Aiwanting Restaurant

Tel: 0898-66895777

Add: 18 Nanhai Avenue

The restaurant mainly offers Hunan cuisine, mostly spicy hot. The chef’s recommendation is Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers.

2. Shanxi Noodle King

Tel: 0898-66730466

Add:49 Haixiuzhong Rd

This offers northern cuisine, specializing in noodles. Other branches are on Xisha Road (0898-66713785) and Bailong South Road (0898-65203748).

3. Wuzhishan Potherb Restaurant

Tel: 0898-66756719

Add: 23 Longhua Rd

This is a unique restaurant offerring various fresh Potherb dishes, which are conductive to good health. The Potherb is from Mount Wuzhi.

4. Banqiao Seafood Plaza

Add: Banqiao Estate, Banqiao Rd.

There are various fresh seafood here at a very low price. However, the environment of the plaza is relatively poor. The recommended dish is steamed scallops with garlic.

5. Siluhuayu Xinjiang Restaurant

Tel: 0898-68538629

Add: 20 Jinlong Rd.

This is a famous restaurant in Haikou. Dishes are mainly meat-based, and offer good value at a moderate price. Every evening, there are exquisite and unique national shows in the hall of the restaurant. The recommended dishes include Sliced Mutton Barbecue, Cool Noodle, Roast Leg of Lamb and Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper.

6. Revolving Restaurant of Golden Sea View Hotel

Tel: 0898-68537718

Add: 31/F, Golden Sea View Hotel, 67 Binhai Ave.

Haikou’s only revolving restaurant is on the top floor of the Golden Sea View Hotel offering a panoramic view of the whole city. A buffet is available.

7. Dazui Fish Restaurant

Tel: 0898-68525666

Add: 16 Jinlong Rd.

Dazui Fish Restaurant, well decorated, is in a three-story building with 15 private rooms. Its specialities include cold pot fish, boiling fish, etc.

8. Fule Restaurant

Tel: 0898-68535280

Add: 19 Guomao Rd.

Fule Restaurant is a chain restaurant in Hainan. Although this restaurant does not pay much attention on improving its decor, the food is realty fantastic, which is why the restaurant is not only loved by the local people, but also popular among the visitors across the country. Most importantly, you would be regret if you don’t have a taste of the chicken rice in the restaurant. The rice is steamed with the flavorful chicken soup, so it is abundant in fat. If you are worried about putting on weight, don’t eat too much of it although you are really missing the flavor.

9. Dongjiao Coconut Plantation Seafood Town

Add: 95 Jinlong Rd.

Dongjiao Coconut Plantation Seafood Town is decorated in a quiet Hainan style. The hall of the seafood town is ornamented with tall coconut trees. It is a good place for you to hold business banquets.

10. Thai restaurant

Tel: 0898-62216222

Add: 69 Binhai Ave.

Thai restaurant is inside Baohua Harbour View Hotel, situated at the financial commercial district of Haikou city, right on the seaboard, facing the well-grassed Evergreen Park and the magnificent Qiongzhou Straits. The curry here has a pure taste.

11. Yefeng Coffee House

Tel: 0898-68708888

Add: 199 Binhai Rd.

Sheraton Haikou Resort Sheraton Haikou, a five-star business hotel surrounded by lush palm trees, and with a magnificent new beachfront resort. Surroundings are very good and the restaurant offers buffet supper.

12. Taiji

Tel: 0898-66766576

Add: 17 Xisha Rd.

This restaurant offers typical Southeast Asia food. Dishes that savor of curry have a pure taste. The environment of Taiji is attractive with exotic melodies.

13. Lvyinge Western Restaurant

Tel: 0898-68559828

Add: 2 F, World Trade Centre, Yusha Rd.

This restaurant is both spacious and comfortable. The price is moderate and the Fruit Salad, Taihuang Fried Rice, bread and cookies are highly recommended.

14. Xinyifan Sushi Bar

Tel: 0898-66113117

Add: 4 Datong Rd.

The Sushi here tastes good, and surroundings are OK. Besides the sushi recommended dishes include braising eel, salad, mashed potatoes, etc.

15. Coffee Time Western Restaurant

Tel: 0898-66768686

Add: 20 Haixiu Avenue

The restaurant with a sea view offers Western cuisine. The recommended dishes include borsch, spicy boneless chicken feet and chicken wing with curry.

16. Hanjiangting Korean Cuisine

Tel: 0898-68591835

Add: 16 Jinglong Rd.

This restaurant offers the best Korean cuisine in Haikou. Waiters here wear clothes rich in Korean characteristics. The roast meat here is strongly recommended.

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