One very popular leisure pursuit in China is tea drinking, and the teahouse is a feature in the life of Sanya people. As cafes and bars supersede teahouses in other Chinese cities advancing towards modern metropolis status, most of the traditional teahouses still do a good trade in Sanya.

Sanya has a history of tea growing, producing and drinking for centuries. Teahouses used to be the center of folks' social life. Even nowadays they still play an indispensable role in the local culture.

The teahouse is a place of relaxation for whomever from retirement pension holders to millionaires, even billionaires. When sitting in a teahouse sipping down China's most popular beverage, you enjoy the unique atmosphere? Absolutely relaxing. Here are the 3 recommended teahouses in Sanya.

1. Taoyuan Teahouse 桃园茶楼

Add: 1&2F, Dayuan Building, Heping Lu, Sanya
Tel: 0898-8826 8268

2. Defu Teahouse 德福茶馆

Add: Le'an Lu, Sanya
Tel: 0898-85531938

3. Huazhilin Renwen (Humanity) Teahouse 花之林人文茶馆

Whether you are hot or cold, tea is a great way to revitalize yourself from the walking and heat. Huazhilin Renwen Teahouse has many teas served with a smile.

Add: Dadonghai, Sanya
Tel: 0898-88215696


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