The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is one of the most popular spots in Sanya. In addition to the beautiful scenery, the center also serves vegetarian dishes that are popular throughout China. The ingredients used are, of course, fresh, healthy and light. They include seasonal vegetables, herbs and mushrooms grown locally around the Nanshan Mountains. These foods are known to delay the aging process, improve blood circulation and prevent heart and brain diseases. 
Generally speaking, famous temples can cook the best vegetarian food. At least, this is true in the two vegetarian restaurants which are located in the Nanshan Temple of Sanya. Carefully selected food items are meticulously cooked to satisfy each customer’s appetite.

1. Seaview Vegetarian Restaurant (海景素菜餐厅)

Tel: 0898- 88838126 

Seaview Vegetarian Restaurant
2. Nanshan Yuanqilou Vegetarian Restaurant (南山缘起楼素斋)

Tel: 0898-88837923

Nanshan Yuanqilou Vegetarian Restaurant

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