Sanya Huangliu Duck
Huangliu Duck (黄流老鸭) originates from Huangliu Town, Ledong Li Nationality Autonomous County in Hainan. Huangliu Duck is the newly created dish and has gained popularity among Sanya locals. It is used for cooking hotpot and soup and frying with other vegetables. Some restaurants at Shengli Road, Jixing Road and Xinfeng Road can cook the best Huangliu duck. Guangming Duck Restaurant at Shengli Road is the most prosperous one. So this area is collectively called Huangliu Duck Street.

Huangliu Duck has an original flavor and, the skin is tender and has a mouth-watering aroma. Seasonings like ginger, pepper and kumquat juice are often used to enhance customers’ taste buds. 


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