Sanya Amazon Brazilian BBQ Restaurant
Amazon Brazilian BBQ Restaurant is located at downtown, the pedestrian street in Jiefang Road. They have original decoration with wooden materials. The dining atmosphere is friendly and peaceful with view to the street, being on the 4th floor.

At Amazon Churrascaria, diners can enjoy their choice of roasted meats. They provide buffet with more than 40 kinds of roast meat whilst they supply various salad, fruit and desserts. Churrasco is Brazilian for barbecue, where large portions of a variety of meats are roasted and cooked on large skewers over an open fire. This unique way of cooking leaves the cuts full of their natural juices and flavors. Besides, they also have a la carte menu of Russian, Western and Chinese cuisines.

When you are in Sanya, are you keen to enjoy the Brazilian lifestyle? Upon the sun setting, you may go on being a Brazilian by selecting a good place to enjoy a sumptuous feast of Brazilian roast meats and personally experience Renaldo’s life and interest in Sanya. It’s a nice place for friends gathering or family dinner.

Add: F4, Pedestrian Street, Jiefang Road
Tel: 0898-88258853


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