Selling Price: CNY68 per portion
Place of Region: Qiongzhou, Wuzhishan, Hainan
Base Food: Calf with yellow fur

Cooking Method: At first, cook beef with aniseed, tangerine Peel and other spicery in a cover vessel and over slow fire, then place finished dish on a heated on a heated iron plate, flavor it with butter before serving.


Qionghai Hot-spring Goose
Selling Price: CNY38 per portion
Place of Region: Qionghai and Wuzhi shan of Hainan
Base Food: Hot spring goose

Cooking Method: at first, pickle geese by yellow rice wine, angelica, lyceum barbarum, dash salt and sugar for 30 minutes, then steam it for another 30 minutes.


Selling Price: CNY38 per portion
Place of Region: Coastal regions of Hainan
Base Food: Leiocassis longirostris Gunther

Cooking Method: cook leiocassis longirostris Gunther’s fin in shop soup, while prepare a vessel with bean sprouts and vegetables in the bottom, and then preserve cooked fin in this vessel by pepper powder, chili power, garlic power, scallions, chili oil and pepper oil, at last add hot stock to make it juicy.


Selling Price: CNY48 per portion
Place of Region: Lingao, Hainan
Base Food: Sucking pig

Cooking Method: smear five-spice power, pepper power, gourmet powder, sugar, wine, salt, onion, ginger and garlic marinade on the inner layer of sucking pig for 30 minutes, and sauce the suckling pig with flavor juice made from crispy water, vinegar, malt, flavoring liquor, then to bake it about 30 minutes after air-dry the juice on the surface.


Selling Price: CNY68 per portion
Place of Region: Hainan
Base Food: Mature duck

Cooking Method: stir-fried sticky rice which used to stuff duck’s abdomen together with lotus seed, sausage, mushroom, gourmet powder, salt and sugar, the next step is to bind the duck by wool, at last steam the duck for 4 hours.


Selling Price: CNY28 per portion
Place of Region: Haikou, Hainan
Base Food: hair-like seaweed, dried mushroom, bean sprout, dried bean curd stick, pot-stewed bean curd, cress, light noodle and Hemerocallis citrine

Cooking Method: stir-fried all sorts of food separately in peanut oil until done, and then boil the prepared food together in clear water.


Selling Price: CNY28 per portion
Place of Region: Sanya, Hainan
Base Food: 2 liang of preserved carambola, 6 liang of seefische (1 liang equal to 5 gram)

Cooking Method: boil preserved carambola and seefiche together in stock until boiled, and then decorate the dish by red pepper, shallot, garlic and celery.



Selling Price: CNY38 per portion
Place of Region: Hainan
Base Food: snow clam, papaya, sugar candy juice

Cooking Method: soak snow clam in clear water for one day, and then place the snow clam into an empty papaya shell to steam for 5 minutes.

Special recommendation: the above dishes and cooking methods are provided by Sanya Qiong Cai Fang, and all of them are served in that restaurant, besides more special dishes are also served there, the tourists who are pressed for time can totally taste all kinds of local food without travel around.

Address: the 1st Floor of Yehai Hotel, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya Tel: 0898-88298088

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