Li ethnic food at Baoting Narada Tropical Resort, Sanya
The "surfing fish", the "sleep-on-tree chicken", the "un-homing cattle", the "five-leg pig", sounds those interesting names and thinking about the delicious food, you must have already drooled, right? Spend holiday in Baoting Narada Tropical Resort and encountered orthodox Li delicious food cook by Li gastrologist A-Xiong who is a pure Li people. Until now, beside the delicious flavor I could still recall, those interesting names also made deep impressions in my mind……

The "surfing fish", called the stone-squama fish, living in the streams of the gully, they love pure water. As the water upriver is always clean than down river, they always swim against water trends and curvet with water that is why it is called "the surfing fish". Stone-squama fish can not grow very big, the biggest of then are as big as human’s middle finger, the meat of this kind of fish is tender, Li people likes to fry them ,the taste is crisp and chew fine. As this kind of fish have a high standard request in water quality, able to eat stone-squama fish here shows the good water quality here. The "sleep-on-tree chicken" is actually a kind of chicken raise by local people but free from cage, it is also a kind of chicken that cannot grow up. In the day time they looking for seed, insect, ant and pother for food in the mountain forest, in the night they sleep on the tree at the front of their raiser’s house. Seeing a tree full of chicken you’ll surely feel incredible like me. They are chicken and also not chicken, because of their particular living habit, they taste like birds, the skin is crisp, meat is tender taster savory and of great nutrition. No matter toast or fry or decoct or boil in a piece of bamboo, the tastes are all extremely fine! This great dish can be eating in very few places.
"The un-homing cattle", is the often heard "wild cattle". Li people herd this kind of cattle on the remote mountains of nearby forests and let them live freely, they will take care of them once a week and feed them with salt. Because this kind of cattle perennially live in a half-wild status that they are of strong ferity. The beef is sweet and dry. There are many ways to cook the beef, the most popular one is to burn in stone pot, which is rich of colloid, the taste is absolutely excellent.

The "5-leg pig", is the hybrid of wild boar and domestic pig, herd wildly in the mountain filed. Their noses are longer than domestic pigs, they use their noses to shove tree’s root and land to find potatoes and wild fruit for food. To watch them from distance away they seem tl be have 5 legs, that is why they were called "5-leg pig". This kind of pig will stop growing once they reach the weight of 15KG, their skin is thick but has less oil, their meet is burly, tender and sweet, fat but not greasy. "Roast Pig" is a dinner must for outdoor adventure lovers when visiting in Li villages, in the night time, the air in the mountain villages are especially cool, a group of people sit around the stove, take it with the native Shanlan rice wine, nothing is more enjoyable than this.

Later on we got to know that those 4 dishes are know as 4-tamours-dish of Li People, the common place of them are half-wild, weight-limited, taste sweet and fresh. If you wish to eat the native cooking, you’ll have to go to Baoting or 5-Finger Mountain or other Li areas. The best case could be meeting a Li gastrologist like in the Narada Tropical Resort. They are very familiar with the environment where those creatures live and know the best time to eat, they also have their particular work over cooking, and there are various dishes on the menu that can be tried!

Besides those 4 famous dishes introduced above, the other delicious dishes of Li are river snail, shrimp mallard, stream soft-shell turtle, river shrimp, stream snail, mountain turtle, deer mice and so on. They live in the original environment, tastes sweet, nutritional value is very high. Mountain turtles, soft-shelled turtles and deer nice could be used for medicine food to restorative and beautify that they are really treasures in the world.

Of course, the delicious Li food should never miss the potherb grow in the tropical rain forest naturally, the most common ones are frizzle vegetables, cauliflowers, chicken leafy vegetables, Leigong root (centella asiatica), Lao leaves, pumpkin flowers (leaves), revolution vegetables, yam, wild hollow vegetables and so on. Those potherbs are hard to find in big cities, they are growing in the wet rich of amino acids, crude fiber protein, vitamins, minerals and a variety of trace elements which are good for detoxification, moisture stomach, diuretic, improving eyesight, lower blood pressure and other effects, besides clod fried, they are the best ingredients for making soup. The flavor is very delicious, they are really good food for health conditioning.

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