It has been a long time since people’s desire for dainties was no longer limited to merely enough food and drink, nor is people satisfied with the innovated food and novel dishes cooked in a different manner. Nowadays the fresh, unique food, or in other words the wonderful dishes with foreign flavour are favoured by more and more people. Meanwhile, tourists’ aspiration for eating, one of the six essentials in tourism activities, namely, eating, housing, transportation, sight-seeing, shopping, and recreation, has become more and more dainty and complicated.
Sanya is a small city as well as an international tourism city. As the amount of international tourists from Russia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Europe and America keeps rising, the international restaurants, originally set up for those international tourists, have become the favourites of numerous domestic visitors due to their novelty. Driven by the demand, more diversified restaurants offering special food with foreign flavour are opened.

The smack of the dishes in Sanya should be sufficient to satisfy your international stomach.

Russian Dinner in Sanya: Refined Dinner in Tropical Sunlight 

The Russians, who live in frigid zones, fly over half of the earth to Sanya for the sake of tropical sunlight, as clinging as birds of passage. Coming along with them are delicious, fragrant Russian dinner. Just like Russian people’s bold and unconstrained character, Russian food is featured with sumptuous dishes and strong flavour. Luo Song soup, Irkutsk salad, Russian meat cakes, together with sweet red wine and strong vodka are usually shared by an entire family, whose members sit around a furnace in a small wood cabin, tasting the unique flavour or a great meal and enjoying the warmness and affection of family life in cold winner.

In Sanya, however, the Russian food is served in a different sentiment despite the unchanged savour. The great dinner with Russian meat soup, fried Russian string cheese, and Cappuccino coffee becomes more exquisite. Sanya’s sunlight sets off the traditional Russian food by contrast with full-bodied tropical sentiment, heating the dishes to give off mouth-watering odor and present unfamiliar appeal.

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Italian Food in Sanya: Going Beyond its Bounds with Tropical Feeling

The beauty of Italy consists of every popular element, including the art paradise Florence, glorious Rome city with historical vicissitudes, and Milan, a city of fashion and football, as well as dainty Italian food, which is still more popular in the world. Pizza cakes and Italian rice noodles can be found in ordinary western restaurants, and you don’t need go to an Italian restaurant just for trying them. Italian cooked dishes are famous for cook’s particular attention to cooking process, especially the heat control in cooking. Thus Italian dishes are typically slap-up food resulted from precise heating.

The Mediterranean is deep and peaceful, while the sea in Sanya is bright and vivacious. The refined Italian dishes in such a different environment of Sanya are endowed with a fraction of distinctive appeal. The fried Roman chicken, tender Angus beef, and other Italian dishes, while presenting the exquisite results from particular cooking technique, evidently indicate the tropical feeling that goes beyond its Italian bounds.

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Korean Cuisine in Sanya: Different Romanticism with Chinese Characteristics

The insipidity of kelp soup and the sour and peppery savour of pickled vegetables are two kinds of quite different tastes, two personalities in two extremes, also the interweavement of quiet and enthusiasm, just like the joyful but quarrelling couples in Korean TV plays. Besides, the traditional Korean foods like mixed rice, baked meat, and rice cakes, are just very simple and common, but their making processes are rather complicated, just like Korean people’s characters, exquisite in every aspect.

The sea wind of Sanya unfolds the exquisiteness: the sunlight in Sanya melts the connotation. In Sanya, the Korean food, which possesses Chinese style, has become more open and romantic than South Korean idol dramas and even more open than the food on Jeju-do Island.

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Japanese Cuisine in Sanya
– Perfect Combination of Live Raw Materials and Finished Cooking

Japanese people emphasize etiquettes in their hearts, and they are particular about their every facial expression and every action, so are they in dinner. They kneel on the floor with their behaviors reserved, meticulous and gentle. However, what Japanese people choose for their food, like Sushi, raw fish slices, raw vegetables etc. are primitive, which is contrastive to their orthodox etiquettes.

Sanya, a qualified seafood city both in name and in fact, has sufficient raw materials for Japanese visitors to satisfy their mouth. Comparing to Japanese seafood choices, those in Sanya are even more alive and attractive. If you see a Japanese Cuisine Restaurant somewhere in Sanya and want to taste the nice flavour produced by Japanese with Sanya raw materials, then you should not miss the chance to go to a Japanese restaurant offering Japanese Cuisine.

Shooting Supports: San He Japanese Cuisine
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Taiwan Food in Sanya: Leisure Taste for Killing Time

In the past years, Taibei delicious food, starting from pearl milk tea, has nearly made its presence in the small lanes and streets of many large cities of China. At the gate of schools, beside cinemas, opposite to internet bars, everywhere are the stalls of "Taibei Soybean Milk" and "Pearl Milk Tea". They are spread nationwide at the fastest speed. As a matter of fact, apart from such simple and common snacks and food stalls, Taibei flavoured food is the one rich in poetic atmosphere. It is just like modern poems, not constrained by forms, and not minding methods, ad libitum, free and easy. As it is delicious and cheap, you can even eat as you walk. It is unnecessary for you to make choices at dinner times. In Sanya, only if you have enough time, you may sit in a Taiwan Flavour Restaurant for the whole day, enjoying the tasty food and desserts, killing your spare time.

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Brazilian Barbecue in Sanya: Enjoy Football and Dainties Together

It is said Brazilian people’s teeth are especially firm, as only good teeth can stand the tearing I eating roast meat. Brazilian meat is roasted with crude salt as the master ingredient, seeking a primitive taste. The roast meat is simple and rugged but has unique flavour. It smelts the fragrance of deal in Amazon tropical forest from the fiber of the roast meat. That’s the calling of the delicious food for gastronomists.

Brazil is a seaside country and Brazilian people like beach football. When you come to Sanya, are yo willing to enjoy the Brazilian life? Just select a cool sea beach and have a beach football match in a tender afternoon! Upon the sun setting, you may go no being a Brazilian by selecting a good place to enjoy a sumptuous feast of Brazilian roast meat and personally experience Renaldo’s life and interest in Sanya.

Shooting Supports: Amazon Brazilian Barbecue Restaurant
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Thai Restaurants in Sanya: Same Tropical Zone, Same Dainties

The impression of Thailand for me is mostly given by the film named Ahu, in which Andy Lau and Takako Tokiwa act as the leading roles. From the period when they are unfamiliar till the separation forever, the drink and food of Thailand is casually inserted into the story and play the role as a latent bridge of communication among Ahu, the nun, and the daughter of Ahu.

In fact, Thai food has an unusual appeal. Thai cuisine takes seafood, fruits, and vegetables as the prime ingredients and uses originally Thailand produces spices in a large amount. The main flavours are sour, peppery, and sweet. The most famous dishes are: papaya salad as an appetizer, Tom Yum Kung Soup as a signature dish, and curried crabs. In Sanya, a place also in the tropical zone, tasting Thai food can give you a different foreign entertainment in addition to the enjoyment of the wonderful dishes.

Shooting Supports: Mangrove Tree Thai Restaurant
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Vietnamese Food in Sanya: Plain Life Across the Sea

Vietnam and Sanya are facing each other across the sea. As Vietnam is a relatively closed country, its food seems mysterious to foreign people. When we casually open the cover on the mystery, we find Vietnamese food is so close to our real life. One word can be used to describe the style to the most appropriate extent: Familiarity. Vietnamese spring rolls, sugarcane shrimps, Vietnamese roast meat, pork rice noodle rolls, and beef rice noodles are served in the small restaurants or stalls on streets as well as in small lanes. When people go away from the clamor and fickleness of some occasions and return to everyday life, they will find the true and so close to our life that it has a sense of tempt to us.

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German Food in Sanya: Rational Feeling in Romantic Holiday

German dishes are not as heavy and complicated as French dishes, and not as light as British dishes either. They are just like German people’s character, full of sense, economical but not lacking good looks. Sour pickled vegetables stewed with Frankfort sausages, Tartar beef, and Berlin sour pickled vegetables cooked with pork display a sense of thick wildness while served with authentic German freshly draught dark beer. Delicious food and pleasing wine of German cuisine present different feeling in the beautiful scenery of Sanya. They are the collision between sense and perception, the blending of naturalness and primitiveness, unique but not luxurious and not overdone.

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