Fat Daddy’s Bar & Grill in Sanya, Hainan
Add: No. 1 Villa, Lan Hai Hau Yan, Sanya 572000, China
Tel: 0898-88391046 
Website: www.sanyafatdaddys.com/ 

We’ve been here for the whole week of "Golden Week" – what they call the most important of all holiday weeks (think Christmas week in a Christian country). The government allows the business owners to charge whatever they want during those weeks.

Fat Daddy’s, owned by a great guy – an American named "Sheldon" – who could be a dwarf right out of the Lord of the Rings novel (honest, straightforward, a bit of a rebel, and tells it like he sees it) is an excellent boss. Sheldon is what makes "Fat Daddy" – who’s moniker is "Who’s yer daddy?" – work.

The Menu: The menu is expansive – and ACCURATE. Want excellent pizza? Try the New Yorker (double cheese & peperoni) RMB 87 – GREAT. Or the Margherita – pure cheese for only RMB 55. Want to eat some excellent local fish at a ‘set rate’? Then eat here – even with the governments offer to gouge the customers, he does not.

Drinking? A lot of his offerings are made in the manner of a ‘glass’ versus a ‘jug’ of . For example, when in doubt, buy a jug of his RED SANGRIA. Quite good – and don’t worry about the alcohol content. He must have worked a A LOT with the bartender to make sure they don’t cheat …and they don’t. They must be the most honest staff around. And while I didn’t take them up on it, he said to me (Parker) – "If you don’t like it let me know, we’ll take it back free of charge and make you another."

Alcohol: I’ve had:
red sangria – great
white sangria – have the red instead
lynchberg lemonade – great
spicy bloody marys – PHENOMENAL!!!!! Truly a treat
margaritas – Excellent! Not as good as the bloody marys, but only cause Margaritas are easier to find in Asia

The Music:
Their wonder – "Crazy Harry" – is neither crazy nor harry. He’s a middle aged singer with a fantastic memory for lyrics and music. I requested "Stairway to Heaven" and "American Pie" and he knew them both without sheet music – as he knows most music.
Not to mention he’s a great guy. Monday thru Saturday nights 8:30 to 11:15.

The Food:
Can’t go wrong. I’ve eaten off of every page. It is what it says it is…. and that’s a great thing. One can’t complain.
There’s a LARGE swingset out front – with a slide to boot. My 6 & 8 year old sons LOVE playing there… with the other kids. The bushes keep the kids from running anywhere OBVIOUSLY dangerous – and we use Fat Daddy’s as an oasis. Completely kid friendly comes to mind. THEN there are the two pool tables.

Did I mention Dreyer’s Ice Cream? Rocky Road? Strawberry? Vanilla? Well, Sheldon knows Americans flock to great desserts!

The waitstaff in China is still the waitstaff in China. If you’re timid, prepare to hate EVERYWHERE in China. Fat Daddy’s is no different. Sometimes you must FORCE them to bring you a plate. Don’t be shy, less you miss out.

All in all, I’ve yet to go to a better place in Sanya.
All in all, I’ve yet to go to a better place in Guangzhou (and I live in Guangzhou).
All in all, I’ve yet to go to a better place in Shanghai (and I lived in Shanghai).

I’ve not been to a restaurant in China that I like more.

— by rawsushi
A great place to eat I just wish it wasn’t so far away! We went here 3 times while staying in Sanya and loved it every time! The chicken tacos were delicious – the chicken had such a nice flavor from the open grill outside! The Caesar salad and quesidillas were also delicious. The spring chicken requires a 30 minute wait but it was worth it as well! We were here for Christmas dinner as well which was 158RMB for all you can eat cold buffet (that didn’t have much to offer but DID have some delicious little dessert squares!) and one hot plate of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries and veggies. It was quite good but a disappointment compared to other "away from home" Christmas dinners I’ve had – including the Rocky Mountain Itaewon’s (in Korea) Christmas buffet!
The drinks at Fat Daddy’s were fabulous too! The "strong" island iced tea was DEFINITELY strong but great. The pina colada’s in the pineapple are fun AND delicious as were the Mango Crush and the owner’s own spin of a BeachComber – I highly recommend it! The beer are all served in cozies/coolers and you don’t have to worry about it NOT being cold…like we do in other parts of China!
The music in the evenings was also very enjoyable! A great place for a great dining experience! 🙂 
— by MelindaMacK 
If you are looking for good western food when you are in Hainan, outside of the hotels, there is no real choice other than Fat Daddy’s. They have a huge array of options on the menu you will know well – all made in the Fat Daddy’s fresh and daily made style. Even their salsa is made fresh everyday, and trust me you can taste it.

I chose the Chicken Tacos (Soft), and they come on a huge plate bigger than this laptop that I am typing on. It was more than enough for dinner. I had a couple of their well priced imported beers that went down a treat and I was done for dinner, costing me something like 20usd.

—by Diesel007
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