Hot-spring Goose or Wenquan Goose, is a popular local dish in Qionghai, Hainan.


Hot-spring Goose (or: Wenquan Goose 温泉鹅) is a hybrid kept by farmers living adjacently to the Wanquan River (万泉河). When the geese are small, farmers always unleash them into the wild to hunt down their own food that chiefly comprises of grass seeds. When weight-putting stage comes, farmers cram the geese with cereal feeding staff.
Hot-spring Goose is nutrient, fatty but not greasy, delicate, aromatic and delicious. Goose blood has a high concentration of protein and contains more than 10 conducive rare elements such as iron, copper and calcium.
Ingestion of goose blood is helpful to strengthen immunity to fight off disease. In ancient times of China, many herb codex mentioned that goose blood acts on cancer of gullet or stomach etc.
Nowadays, Goose Blood Tablet has already been researched and enrolled the army of fighting against cancer. For Hot-spring Goose, people usually poach geese well and then eat them with homemade sauce.
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