The century-old British wooden yacht Merrymaid stopped off at the Sanya Serenity Marina on December 30th.

The yacht, which was on its way from Vietnam to other countries, was stranded off Sanya coast and found it hard to pull in to its destination port with a lack of legal authorization provided by its shipping agent. 

In the face of uncertainty, Captain Alex had to moor the yacht at the Sanya Serenity Marina and send an emergency call for help.

After confirming the situation, the marina reported it to local customs and also helped contact its shipping agent to proceed with the yacht’s inspection smoothly.

“Our ship would be still cruising in the waters for two more days without your timely handling, which would leave us a very troublesome situation”, said the Captain Alex.

The marina also provided full maintenance and care service for the yacht’s next navigation.

Built in 1904, the yacht, 34.1 meters in length and 5.44 meters in width, is equipped with all the indispensable devices needed for a long-distance voyage. During its time, the ship has sailed the waters near Vietnam and other European countries for nearly 7 months.