With the aim of promoting oceanic culture and harmonious development in ocean areas, the Sanya Ocean Culture Festival, together with the Sanya International Yacht Show, opened at Sanya Serenity Marina on Nov.15, 2012.

The day began with an opening ceremony at 9:30am, which was attended by more than 100 local media representatives and hundreds of residents and tourists.

This year, the Yachting Models 2012 Contest made its debut at the Sanya Serenity Marina, with beautiful contestants from 60 countries gathering at the opening ceremony in the hope of winning the championship on November 16.

This is a 2-year process that has made it one of the Sanya’s many festival brands to invite the world to this blue feast. Several related activities will also be on offer to visitors, such as the top private products exposition, yacht test drives and the world yacht forum to promote the marine industry’s development in Sanya.

Sponsored by Sanya Municipal Government and Zhongbo Exhibition Co., Ltd, the festival will last for one month and be concluded with the Sanya International Yacht Show from Dec. 14-17.