My infatuation with the ocean has stemmed from its broadness, blue, nature and inclusiveness; since a long time ago, while my yearning for sailboat comes from the obsessed attention on the "Volvo Ocean Race”, which makes me so absorbed as to forget food and sleep. Inside the breathtakingly magnificent merging of the sea and the sky, it is so exciting to see contestants driving across the waves and hundreds of sailboats striving to be the best, blending with the endless blue charm of the ocean. I have a dream that I could be like those strong and handsome sailors one day, and set up my own sail to a farther and more beautiful place to challenge the self, surpass the limits and feel the infinity and the nature of the ocean.

First Contact with the "Son of Dragon"
In the kind invitation of Mr. Feng Guoqing, the general manager of Hainan Haizhiyou Yacht Management Co., Ltd. the four of us had a chance to experience the sailboat in zero-distance. It was a “Lagoon440 sailing catamaran”, and named the “Son of Dragon”, which was milky white of the entire kind yacht, combination of fashion and personality.



Boarding the yacht like beam, looking round the broad deck on both sides, an omni-directional huge space for viewing the sea was presented in front of us. Going out of the multifunctional guest cabin, standing by the high masts, looking up to the waving sails, our hearts were racing and looking forward to the moment of sails setting up. Warm sun shining the blue sky and ocean, Mr. Feng told us it was a good time for sailing. He listed the hot cities of sailing in China from Qingdao, Rizhao, Dalian, Tianjin to Sahanghai, Xiamen, Hongkong, Shenzhen, and told us that a new area with the best resources and could make sailing possible the whole year round was only Sanya. “Two years ago, we came to Sanya as sailing fanciers. Then we decided to establish a company dealing with sailing businesses. In future, we will expand the market and influence of sailing in Sanya in terminal establishment, race introduction, and tourism, etc.” Mr. Feng said with smiles, “Now it is winter days in China mainland, but we are so lucky to enjoy the sunshine in Sanya, and can set up sails anytime in the ocean.”

Standing side by side at the outdoor cockpit, nice broad view of the fly-bridge type navigation deck, Mr. Feng was steering in person. What an air of senior captain. He started the engine and the “Son of Dragon” got out of the harbor silently with white spays of waves.

Sailing in the "South of the Sea"
With joy of getting of shore, we were heading to the far broad ocean, the beautiful South of the Sea. Deep breathing, felt the exciting happy gems in the air. At the time, fishing boats on both sides drawing behind us, aigrettes flying onto the shoal lightly, Phoenix Island standing still like a virgin, everything was like crossing dreams. Heading up and gazing into the long and narrow building groups in the far away Sanya Bay and green and verdant islands shifting on the sea, all the trivial troubles were consigned to oblivion. The sunshine sprayed onto the azure ocean through big clods floating in the clear sky dome, bright and shining.

When into the abyssal area, Mr. Feng stopped the engine. In the direction of Captain Ming, we started pulling hard the sheet tightened and round the winch, and the first white sail spread slowly out like a posing sailor, whizzing towards the sun and the sea. Bluish sea wind filling the wide sail, our sailboat was sailing across the endless ocean gently like a flying white fish away from the land, which made everyone gasp in admiration. The endless broad ocean was like a spreading out dream, free as the air. Then we set up the second sail. In the power of the wind, the boat began to gallop with full speed. Suddenly the journey seemed much farther than the sky, more beautiful than dreams, keeping forward and with no stops.



At the moment, sleeping under the sun, laying on the waves and the netlike recreation bouncers on the bow, naked toes extending by knuckles, we relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine bath, screaming excitedly towards the big sprays splashed up occasionally,. Closing the eyes, it felt like a world with was serene like an open palm wavering lightly a pure and transparent world. The sunshine blossomed into the breath gently by inches, and the skin had a slight tearing feel, dazzling, because of the wonderful journey full of imagination. Although the body was frail, it was still enough to support my lasting infatuation.

Sport of sailing, the most specific luxury tourism attractions in future Sanya Mr. Feng in front of us was easy and talkative. He was happy all the time when he lived with sailboat. Mr. Feng said, as golf called the green opium, sailing was the blue opium. Opening heart in the endless ocean, the feeling it took may make people addicted. However, such addiction was a healthy, sunshine, and energetic promotion and life enjoyment instead of excessive preoccupation with trivia that sapped the will. He smiled to tell us that the first thing that Mr. Hau, the boss from the head office, is a senior general sailing nautical sports enthusiast, has done a lot of support and played a great role in model and promoting of Hainan sailing. Every time he came to Sanya was to sailing out to the sea, and forgot to sail back all the time.

Too everybody’s joy, the sport of sailing that seldom to be seen in Sanya two or three years ago has now obtained a wide and detailed develop program here. In March this year, “Hainan Nongken Cup” 2010 Round Hainan Island International Regatta Race assisted by this publication will be held in five places as Haikou, Wengchang, Qionghai, Lingshui and Sanya. Just at the moment when this publication was about to stop article submitting, we received a good news from Beijing that 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race would make a stop in Sanya, which shall be the only stop in Asia. Recently, with the acceleration of Hainan international tourism island’s establishment, projects as sailing terminals, leisure sailing, etc. are all brought into schedule. Sailing, the sport that enjoys high favor among international high-grade tourists, must develop quickly to be the most specific luxury tourism attractions in future Sanya.

Mr. Feng said that their favor in sailing and the huge development space of the sailing businesses in future Sanya was their basic consideration to set up company here and to strive for further development. As said by Mr. Feng, Sanya, or even the whole Hainan island, has the incomparable natural resources and ocean conditions, and bears the market prospect and tremendous potential to develop high-end leisure ocean projects like sailing and yachts. Sailing itself is a luxury project combining sports, leisure, and enjoyment all in one. The development of sailing businesses can not only spur the city tourism economy, but can also promote the international taste of the city to a large extent. It is especially a kind of high-end culture development. Furthermore, long industrial chains and numerous to from a specific, wide, and competent ocean industries area and industry cluster, which may provide strong and powerful industry support to Hainan international tourism islands establishment.


Before we called it an end to this happy journey, we were appointing the next cooperation. When we all got off from the sailboat, Mr. Feng was still cleaning the cabin with his assistant and Captain Ming. He said,” Learn to clean the boat first before learning to drive.” That’s right, because dignitary is not the only symbol of sailboats, although it is a luxury leisure sport. People understand the real enjoyment of sailboats must be those with literacy, gentility, high taste and those who know and love the ocean.

Participate in sailing you can feel that:
Close to Nature: Sailing is a fashion sport, a sport for braves. You can close to feel the sun and the sea, to stimulate the competitive instincts of life. You can ride the wind and waves, impact to the depth of the sea.

Self-expression: Sailing can arouse the forward-looking attitude of people’s heart. Sail the boat can self challenge, beyond the limits, return to nature.

Fitness and Health: Sailing can open the mind, cultivate the taste, anneal the willpower, enhance cultural awareness, inspire forward-looking attitude.

Business Platform: Hold the high-end meeting on the sea, has a higher percentage of success and privacy, can promote the development of business.

Show Success: More and more successful people take sail boats and yachts as a symbol of wealth and successful.

Enjoy Life: Together with family or friends, enjoy the sunshine, the sea, the blue sky and white cloud on the boat. Be good to yourself, be good to life.


SOURCE: sanyatravelguide


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