Hainan Island is a heaven for bicycle riding in the eyes of bicycle lovers from home and abroad.


Bamen Bay Greenways, located in Wenchang county in Hainan Province, has all the required natural resources, namely the sea, the river, the port, the bay, the greenery and the rich local culture to develop it as a good spot for cycling holiday after the space launching ground within the vicinity.





Bamen Bay


The Bamen Bay Greenways pass through four towns, namely Wencheng, Dongge, Wenjiao and Dongjiao, with a distance of 45 km and another 9 km of side routes. Cyclists can rent different types and prices of bicycles for short-distance or long-distance trips.



There are seven themed greenways can be explored there:

(a)    The Greenway with natural mangroves landscape
(b)    The Greenway with rich natural greenery along the route
(c)    The Greenway with rich agro-culture recreation and homestay
(d)    The Greenway with historical and cultural exposure    
(e)    The Greenway with rural scenery
(f)    The Greenway with the livelihood of a fishing village
(g)    The Greenway with coconut palm trees






There are 11 main service stations and 19 sub-service stations along the route. These stations serve as resting and break areas with basic facilities for tourists, aimed at making the tour more relaxing and enjoyable.






Tourists who visit the Bamen Bay Greenways in Wenchang City will appreciate the effort taken to protect the natural environment, such as the mangroves, the greenery, the river, its inhabitants and the local ecology. They will no doubt apprehend and aware the important of natural resources, a healthy life and the culture of the people of Wenchang.  





If possible, make the trip during a weekday when the path is less crowded. Bamen Bay Greenways is also a popular destination for cyclists.