The litchi, is also known as Li Zhi (荔枝) in Chinese. They have been collected for thousands of years in China and used medicinally.
Its sweet, juicy, and a little crunchy like a grape and has its own fragrance. It is a small fruit packed with loads of healthy nutrients, including good amount of antioxidant Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex and phytonutrient flavonoids. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the fruit is warm and can help improve your blood, relieve pain, shrink swollen glands and prevent the growth of cancer cells.
Litchi is considered an exotic fruit and has a very short shelf life. This is why it is available for a very limited time even during its season. In ancient China, litchi was the favored fruit in the imperial corridors finding its greatest fans amongst the Kings and queens, who would get these beautiful fruit transported to capital at a great cost to the Kingdom.
It is now in its harvest season, which is usually between May and June. Do you know where you can get the sweetest litchi in Hainan? Some places for litchi picking can be found as follows. You won’t miss it.
To enjoy them fresh from the twig however, head over to Sanmenpo Township(三门坡片), Hongqi Township (红旗片) and Dapo Township (大坡片) outside the Haikou City where you’ll be greeted by an overwhelming number of litchi orchards for visitors to enjoy.

Note: Tourists need to pay fees picking litchi based on its weight, the specific prices may vary as different farms have different pricing systems.