Hainan Island is a heaven for bicycle riding in the eyes of bicycle lovers from home and abroad.


Hainan is well suited for bicycle trips, especially if you enjoy rural landscapes and natural beauty. Away from the heavily industrialized areas of mainland China, Hainan has a pleasant environment for cycling, offering beaches, mountains, jungle, coconut plantations, waterfalls, minority villages, and a couple of scenic towns to explore.


The following are the top 3 spots for cycling in Hainan.


Bamen Bay Greenways, Wenchang 文昌八门湾绿道



Tourists who visit the Bamen Bay Greenways in Wenchang will appreciate the effort taken to protect the natural environment, such as the mangroves, the greenery, the river, its inhabitants and the local ecology.


The Bamen Bay Greenways pass through four towns, namely Wencheng, Dongge, Wenjiao and Dongjiao, with a distance of 45 km and another 9 km of side routes. Cyclists can rent different types and prices of bicycles for short-distance or long-distance trips.


The greenway routes feature seven themed routes, such as Mangrove Landscape Greenway, Zoology Leisure Greenway, Cultural Leisure Greenway and Fishing Custom Greenway, where tourists will experience the atmosphere of farmhouses.


There are 11 main service stations and 19 sub-service stations along the route.  These stations serve as resting and break areas with basic facilities for tourists, aimed at making the tour more relaxing and enjoyable.



Xinglong Greenways, Wanning 万宁兴隆绿道



Xinglong Greenways in Wanning, open to the public at no charge, stretches a total length of 13 km, starting from San Gang in Xinglong Tropical Gardens and linking all the attractions of Xinglong Southeast Asian Town. The cycling trip takes about one hour for the average cyclist.


Eight rest points have been built to bring convenience for bicycle riders along the bike lane. The rest points include commercial shops and cafes, so cyclists can grab a snack or a cold drink to enjoy as they rest.


Bailibai Village in Ding’an County定安百里百村绿道



There are nearly 100 small towns in Bailibai Village such as Longmen Town, Lingkou Town and Hanlin Town. Bailibai Village is famous for mountain cycling, and tourists can rent a mountain bike to ride around Bailibai Village for a whole day.


Cyclists will enjoy the rural pastoral scenery of Bailibai Village, with its old towns, new cold-springs and cliffy mountain terrain.


Yanfeng Mangrove Greenways, Haikou海口演丰红树林绿道



Riding a bicycle around Yanfeng Theme Park is an enjoyable and casual way to spend a day.


Cyclists will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea, mangrove forests and can watch ship-making in action.


If tourists tire of riding bicycles, they can choose to rest under the big banyans or the pavilions beside the sea or rent a boat to Wild Pineapple Island opposite the Mangrove Forests.