The National Angling Championship 2014, as well as the International Sea-angling Elite Invitation Tournament, is scheduled to be held in the sea area of Beigang Port in Wanning City on December 20th-21st.
The competition will feature 3 kinds of awards and the contestants will compete for highest total weight of all fish caught by each team, highest weight of a single fish, as well as the highest total weight of fish caught by each team’s captain.
Already, a large number of professional anglers and teams from many countries and regions all over the world have confirmed their participation in the competition. The total prize purse for the competition is RMB 200,000.
The tournament is one of the measures by the Wanning government to develop itself toward China’s No.1 sea angling base. The local government hopes that the tournament will attract more sea angling lovers to travel to Wanning, hopes to promote the healthy development of sea angling in the area.