Hainan is a paradise for hikers, trekkers and mountain climbers of all skill levels.

Central Hainan is blessed with shapely mountains to match the expectations and test the skills of beginning, intermediate and expert climbers. There are many delightful hikes that stop short of being intensive climbs. The scenery is breathtaking and there’s lots of culture along the way.
If you are feeling adventurous, here are some popular mountains for scenic hikes in Hainan:
Wuzhishan Mountain, Wuzhishan City 五指山, 五指山市
At 1,867 meters, Wuzhishan Mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan and a favorite with novice mountaineers.
The five peaks are wavy like saw-teeth and the shape is like five fingers – this is how Wuzhi (“Five Fingers”) Mountain got its name. Although these five peaks’ tops stand separately from each other, their bases are joined together. Standing on the mountain gives hiker’s a birds-eye view of the South China Sea and the many fishing boats in it.
Meanwhile, Wuzhi Mountain is also the kingdom of precious animals and birds.
The areas around Wuzhi Mountain are inhabited mainly by Li ethnic group people. You will have the chance to witness and feel something of their native lifestyle, get to know their customs, appreciate their folk songs and dances, and taste their special foods.
Diaoluo Mountain, Lingshui County 吊罗山, 陵水
Situated in Lingshui County, Diaoluo Mountain is one of the three main virgin tropical rainforest nature reserves in Hainan.
Its 40,000-hectare forest is home to over 3,500 plant species, including 250 orchid species and alsophila spinulosa, a living fossil from the age of dinosaurs. It is also a nature reserve for black gibbons and many other rare animals, as well as more than 300 butterfly species, including beautiful swallowtails, white butterflies, duffers, fauns and danaids.
Also found in the nature reserve are the Fengguoshan Waterfalls, the largest waterfalls in Hainan.
Limu Mountain, Qiongzhong County 黎母山, 琼中
Situated in Qiongzhong County of Hainan Province, Limu Mountain features rugged mountains and vast woodlands. This area is the traditional home of the Li people as well as home to one of the island’s most famous waterfalls. It has a rich mixture of tropical and subtropical forests, spectacular views and relaxing surroundings. With a number of great trails for hikes and/or 4 wheeling, Limu Mountain one of the most fulfilling locations for explorers in Hainan.

It is the source of three great rivers in Hainan: Nandu River, Wanquan River and Changhua River. Every morning thousands of brooks leap down the mountainside from an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level, creating quite a spectacular sight.

Limu Mountain Forest Park consists of five areas: Yinggeling, Jinxiugu, Tianhe, Diaodengling and Limushi. Each area is covered with virgin forests.

The climate of Limu Mountain is very pleasant with an average temperature of 22.5. It is a popular place for adventurers and tourists alike.