Want to show the world your personality through a customized hairstyle?


Look for the best hair salons in Sanya. These prestigous hair salons have provided the professional hair teams with hair-stylists and the quality hair products to satisfy your needs and ensure that you will love your new look.


Afraid that Sanya’s high humidity and hot weather will damage your hair?


With appropriate treatments, nothing can stop you from embarking on outdoor activities under the sun or going to the swimming pool as frequently as you wish.


The following hair salons are highly recommended by trendy locals. They provide consistently good haircuts, coloring, perms and treatments in a comfortable ambience. Remember to make your reservation in advance, especially on weekends, as most of these hair salons are heavily packed.


1.       Hai Zhi Meng Hair Studio海之梦美容美发中心



Add: Times Coast Residential Community, Sanya三亚市鹿岭路半山半岛中央海景商业街3

Tel: 0898-88274958/88600486

Web: http://www.hnhzm.com/


2.       Peter Style Peter造型

Add: 2/F, Barry Boutique Hotel Sanya, Dadonghai, Sanya三亚市大东海柏瑞海景酒店2

Tel: 0898-88615721 Mob: 186 8995 5569


3.       Shiquan Studio 诗全造型



Add: 7/F, Yi Fang Shopping Mall, Sanya三亚市一方百货7

Tel: 0898-88243458


4.       King Hair Studio King会所美容美发中心



a. Add: 6, 1/F, Yan Hong Xian Dai, Jiefang 3rd Road, Sanya (Near Sanya People’s Hospital)三亚市解放三路衍宏现代城16号(人民医院旁)

Tel: 0898-38285007

b. Add: 107, 1/F, Zuodai Hotel, Jiefang 1st Road, Sanya三亚市解放一路卓代酒店一楼107

Tel: 13876583517 


5.       Vawlly Salon万丽汇美发沙龙




Add: Room A101, 1/F, Le Parker International Hotel Sanya, Hexi Road, Sanya三亚河西路黎客国际酒店一层A101室

Tel: 0898-38298088