A diverse environment and good climate make Sanya a hot spot for all sorts of outdoor and indoor pursuits.


Staying active and fit for the average holiday maker in Sanya may not seem like a challenge given a wide variety of fitness centers, gyms, team sports, outdoor activities and clubs available in the city.


For those who want to truly work it out, there are myriad options: fitness centers for those who have an urge to run on a treadmill and nearby parks for walkers/runners. Additionally, if you interested in, busting out of the tourism center to the outer edges of the city affords even more active options such as bike rentals and trails and natural hot springs. Along these routes, there are often views of the countryside: of the tall mountain ranges, the endless fields, and a view of the coastline if the route winds toward the sea.


Probably the easiest way to keep fit in Sanya is to buy a membership at one of city’s many fitness centers. These can range from small not-so-clean local neighborhood establishments, all the way up to very expensive, international top of the line clubs.


Here is a rough guide to the fitness centers around Jiefang Road.


1. Jicheng Body Building Club吉成健美健身俱乐部


As Sanya’s first professional fitness center, Sanya Jicheng Bodybuilding Club was named after and founded by Mr. Ji Cheng, the former Chinese world’s bodybuilding champion.


Since its establishment in 2005, the Jicheng Bodybuilding Club has quickly become recognized as a top-grade chain gym in the city with its state-of-the-art gym facilities and excellent fitness coaches.


The Club offers a wide range of exercise classes, from Yoga, Pilates and Aerobics to Kick Boxing and Functional Rehabilitation, Postpartum Recovery etc.


a. Mingzhu Plaza Flagship Store明珠广场旗舰店


Open hours: 9:30am-10:30pm

Tel: 0898-88362498

Website: http://www.jicheng.cc

Add: 7F, Mingzhu Plaza, Jiefang Road Sanya/三亚市解放路明珠广场7


b. Yifang Shopping Mall Branch一方百货金牌店

Open hours: 9:30am-10:30pm

Tel: 0898-88699037

Add: 8F, Yifang Shopping Mall, Jiefang Road Sanya


2. Sanya Guojia Taekwondo Training Center三亚国佳跆拳道健身中心


Established in 2005, Guojia Taekwondo Training Center is first professional Taekwondo training organization with qualified instructors in Sanya.


The studio follows training guidelines from the International Taekwondo Federation, offering bilingual taekwondo classes for adults and kids.


Tel: +86 898 88213458 Mb: 13637678918

Add: 9th Floor, Yifang Shopping Mall, Jiefang 2nd Road, Sanya 三亚解放2路一方百货9


3. Sanya Yong Heng Body Building Club三亚永恒健身俱乐部


Tel: +86 898 87274145

Add: Chuangye Building, 227, Xinfeng Street, Sanya/三亚新风街227号创业大厦