Sanya has numerous serene beaches with nearby surfing spots that boast world-class waves all year round. Reefs, breaks, and more— surfers of any level will find great surfing locations to suit their preferences and style. From amateur to advanced-level surfers, surfing spots in and around Sanya offer as fantastic a surfing experience as can be found anywhere.
The wind is a significant factor in the attractiveness of surfing spots. You may enjoy more constant surfs, sea conditions and un-crowded waters. Surfers can easily hop from one surfing spot to another because these surfing spots are relatively close to each other, and driving from one to another is usually quick and easy. Here are some of the popular surfing spots in and around Sanya.
Dadonghai Beach
Dadonghai Beach is known as the Surfing Mecca of Sanya thanks largely to its great waves, particularly during the summer season from April to October. One of the best features of Dadonghai Beach is that the waves are very varied and there are many classes available. There are plenty of smaller waves where beginners can both learn the sport as well as practice on their own, but also larger waves which mean experienced surfers can show off their best moves.
Sanya Bay
Offering the perfect waves for beginners, surfing at Sanya Bay is a great way of learning the sport. It is also a unique place to relax and unwind. The surrounding area is well-developed and it is easy to find good food, great shops, fun bars and many other things to do.
Yalong Bay
Yalong Bay is well-known as a tourist destination and also a favorite surfing spot for many beginners, with calm breaks and consistent swells especially during the summer season.
Haitang Bay
The Haitang Bay area is well-known as a resort area where many high class hotels have been built. Haitang Bay boasts an exceptionally beautiful beach with white sands and challenging waves to the north of the beach which are fantastic for surfing adventures.
Shimei Bay
During the winter, the area around Shimei Bay has consistent waves throughout the year, particularly from October to March, when a northeastern swell develops bringing larger waves of up to 5 feet in height to the east coast of the island.
Riyue Bay
Riyue Bay has excellent conditions for surfing. Though the waves are not high, they are long and stable. The best time for surfing is from October to April, when the northeast swells deliver the best waves of the year. It has long been cited as the best bay for surfing in the area by renowned surfing experts. Every year many people from home and abroad are attracted to surf here. Since 2010, the Hainan Wanning International Surf Festival has been held in Riyue Bay three times. It has also held several international surfing events, attracting a great many surfing stars from around the world.