Sanya’s newest park, the Hubaoling Forest Park, will open to public for free at the end of this year, according to city officials.

Covering an area of 120 hectares, the park in located in the west of Linchun District of Fenghuang Road and linking to Hailuo Farm, boasting an investment of 20 million yuan.

According to the planning office, a host of environmentally friendly features have been included in the park’s design.

Most of the construction and installation of water, electricity and telecommunication equipment is well under way. In addition, a variety of vegetation species will be planted to return the lush greenery to the park.

Besides, a mountain hiking trail leading to the mountain peak platform is under construction, providing the opportunity for the public to enhance their leisurely experience

The Hubaoling Forest Park will become a major cultural and recreational attraction, featuring scenic spots including Teahouse, Deer Garden Platform, Mountain Peak Pavilion and Leisure Square.