According to the Sanya Municipal Government, the Luhuitou Square will be comprehensively upgraded into a multi-functional public leisure square complete with supporting facilities and excellent surroundings.

This development project will utilize the underground space of Luhuitou Square to ease traffic in the area, which consists of construction of a tunnel at Yuya Road, an underground complex, and the Luhuitou Square renovation.

A 1.5-km-long tunnel linking the Intersection of Xiayangtian and Dadonghai Square will be constructed at Yuya Road, with bi-directional four-lane runways. After completion, the tunnel will greatly ease the traffic pressure on Yuya Road.

The underground complex, measuring 133,180 square meters at the Luhuitou Square, is planned to be built with 3 floors. The supporting facilities, like a high-end cultural entertainment zone, an international shopping zone and a special cuisine zone will be featured in the area.

Besides, a large-scale underground parking lot will also be built in the underground complex, which will be able to accommodate 130 buses and more than 1,800 cars to cope with the parking problem.

The renovation project of Luhuitou Square will become an “Outing Resort” with a new ecological wall and vegetation sculptures. A sports square, an open-air dance floor, a rest area and a viewing platform will enrich the leisure time of local residents and tourists.