As the sun sets and night falls, Sanya transforms from a quiet escape to one bustling with excitement and energy. Taking a walk at night is a fairy night life among the locals. Sanya’s night strolls are worthy a try, because there are lovely night markets, shops and wonderful views.
Whether you’re out for your evening walk or you want a serene place to share a drink with a friend, you will find it in our guide to Sanya. 

Sanya River
Walking along the river on the promenade and enjoying the sights of the brightly lit street scenes is very enjoyable.
Sanya River is located in the middle of the city, famed for its beautiful and scenic landscapes.
Leisure pavilions, touring paths and lush greenery dot along this sprawling river, which is a breath of fresh air after a tiring shopping excursion or even a reason on its own for a visit to the city.
Sanya Bay Road
Take a night stroll along Sanya Bay is sweet. You can hear the singing by sea water-softly flapped the bankThe bay is famous for its stunning panoramic views. At night, innumerable lights twinkle from the fantastic hotels and commercial buildings on Sanya Bay Road.
Besides, Haiyue Square along the Sanya Bay Road offers a unique opportunity to experience Sanya in miniature through folk performances.
As night falls, various performers descend on the square, offering everything from Xinjiang dance to teenage disco, Hainan Opera, guitar performances, street dancing and even a public Karaoke competition.
Jiefang Road
Jiefang Road is spectacular at night as the stores let up after dark. Under so many neon lights people often like to concentrate here. During this time, shopping malls, eateries and entertainment companies are more active. Shopping, street food & snacks, and restaurants are accompanied with this night rhythm. Taking an ice cream or holding a meat stick in hand and strolling along the street or shopping is a joyful thing. Tourists at night are leisure and casual in this street.
Night market around Sanya No.1 Market
The night market around Sanya No.1 Market is the most famous night market in Jiefang Road.
As soon as the night comes down, this market is dotted with stalls or booths selling tropical fruits, snacks and local handicrafts. Venders, buyers and even people passed by all are joyful.
Nanbianhai Road
The road is a Mecca for street-food lovers, a bustling outdoor atmosphere with all sorts of xiaochi (small eats) delicacies, traditional Sanya snacks and a splendid variety of treats from all across China.