One of the greatest luxuries of living in Sanya is an abundance of spas of varying sizes offering massages.


Sanya seemingly has one on every corner, and they range from budget-busting five-star hotel spas where guest can enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa, or even on the beach or in the gardens to the neighborhood blind massage joint.


Good massage and sauna will improve the blood circling all around the body. Massage companies aim at health care and healing to call on people.


After a day of busy trips, you can let your legs, arms, joints, head and every part of the body to enjoy a massage. Massage is as well a good method to clear up tiredness. By massage you can not only get a relax body but also get a delight and leisure mood.


Here is a list of recommended massage and sauna centers in Sanya, which are relatively kind on your wallet after a long and tiring day of activities.


Guo Yi Tang 国艺堂



Established in Shenzhen in 1997, Guo Yi Tang is the first professional massage center get registered with all its employees holding national qualification certificates of specialty treatments. Now Guo Yi Tang has chain stores nationwide including Sanya, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities.


Sanya Guo Yi Tang SPA Center is located at the Hexi Road, with a total business area of ​​over 4000 square meters. Guo Yi Tang combines the Chinese and Western joints with professional staffs that treating you to a foot, head, shoulder and arm massage that leaves you loose as a noodle.


Included in your massage is an endless parade of juice, tea plus fresh fruit


It will be the peak time for their business at night on weekends, so it is better to enjoy yourself there in the afternoon.


Business Hour: 12:00pm~11:30pm (Busy hour: 8:00pm~10:00pm)

Tel: 0898-88255300

Add: Tianshan Building, 80, Hexi Road, Sanya /三亚市 三亚河西路80天山大厦



Sanya Horizon Massage Club 三亚天域中医养生会所



The location is ultra convenient, particularly popular with Russian tourists and the interior itself is soothing. It’s also an ideal spa for couples, providing several romantic double treatment rooms.


Once the massage is done, you’ll forget exploring the numerous tourist attractions in a single day.


Regulars know to buy a membership card, which knocks 10% off the list price.


Add: Block B, Donghai Haoting Residential Community, Yuya Road, Sanya三亚市榆亚路东海豪庭B(近粤海医院)

Tel: +86 898-31501208


Aesthetic Spa 唯美度美容SPA会所


Aesthetic Spa is a serene, clean spot, perfect for an after-hours massage.


Aesthetic Spa provides a variety of services, from Chinese style massage to facial and manicure with wallet-friendly prices.


Kick off your shoes, settle back into a plush chair and let the experienced technicians knead your calves, ankles and feet, stretching your toes and ensuring no muscle goes untouched.


The rooms here are large enough to hold you and a host of pals, providing ample space for gossip.


Business hour: 9:30am-10:00pm

Tel: 0898-88693302

Add: Tianze Hupan Residential Community, Danzhou Community, Sanya三亚市区丹州小区天泽湖畔小区





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