Pristine tropical waters and an unspoiled mountainous hinterland in Sanya provide the setting for a range of water sports and adventure activities


The area is increasingly becoming a destination for international sporting events and competitions but there are also plenty of indoor activities available to keep the average holiday maker healthy and help relax out of stress. .


For those looking something a bit more relaxed, the city’s luxury hotels all have fitness centers, tennis courts, swimming pools as well as yoga and tai chi classes.


Besides, there are a number of gyms in the city specializing in services for the body and offering various schemes from day rates to monthly and yearly membership. They offer a variety of machines for muscle building, weight training, body shaping and general fitness.


If you are looking for a gym or fitness center in Sanya, WOS has provided a list of gyms and fitness centers in Sanya for your reference.


1. Jicheng Body Building Club  吉成健美健身俱乐


a. Mingzhu Plaza Flagship Store明珠广场旗舰店

Open hours: 9:30am-10:30pm

Tel: 0898-88362498


Add: 7F, Mingzhu Plaza, Jiefang Road Sanya/三亚市解放路明珠广场7


b. Yifang Shopping Mall Branch一方百货金牌店

Open hours: 9:30am-10:30pm

Tel: 0898-88699037

Add: 8F, Yifang Shopping Mall, Jiefang Road Sanya


c. Dadonghai Branch 大东海天域店

Open hours: 9:30am-10:30pm

Tel: 0898-88213867

Add: Basement 1, Huipudeng Hotel, No.139, Yuya Rd, Dadonghai, Sanya/大东海榆亚路139号惠普登酒店负一层


2. Sanya Yong Heng Body Building Club永恒健身俱乐


Tel: +86 898 87274145

Add: Chuangye Building, 227 Xinfeng Street 三亚新风街227号创业大厦            


3. Sanya Guojia Taekwondo Training Center 三亚国佳跆拳道健身中心


Mb: +86 13637678918


Add: 9th Floor Yifang shop, 2 Jiefang Road三亚解放二路一方百货9          


4. Sanya Yuantong Tennis Center 三亚圆通网球中心


Tel: +86 898 88873688

Add: 9, Luhuitou Square, Sanya


5. Sanya Bowling Centers 三亚保龄球中心


Tel: +86 898 88211688

Add: 1/F, Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel, Dadonghai, Sanya三亚山海天大酒店


Tel: +86 898 88331888

Add: Palm Beach Resort Hotel, Sanya Bay三亚椰林滩大酒店