Sanya Egret Park
Sanya is planning to start its Egret Park transformation project next year.
Egret Park, built in 1999 by the Linchun River and covers an area of 26.7 hectares, will be turned into Sanya’s mangrove landscape leisure and cultural park after reconstruction.
According to the transformation plan, the reconstruction of the Egret Park will aim to deliver the concept of "sustainable leisure".
Three walking trails will be built to link major fitness areas to provide the opportunity for residents to take walks in their spare time.
Besides, a mangrove sightseeing area will be built in the central area of the park, which will deliver the concept of an ecological preservation area for mangrove wetland and will be developed into a relaxation hub for leisure sightseeing.
To better manage the park, the government will add a police office and management center to strengthen supervision and ban uncivilized behaviors.