Wu Qiang was suffering from diagnosed with hemangiomas, benign tumors of the cells that line blood vessels. The tumours had even grown over his eyes, leaving him virtually blind 
Mr Qiang is recovering in hospital after surgery to remove the disfiguring facial tumours. He was able to have surgery thanks to donations from the public 
A Chinese man is recovering from surgery to remove huge, disfiguring facial tumours.

Wu Qiang, 33, was born with a small bump on his face.

But in 2005 the bump started to grow quickly and just a few years later his face was completely covered in unsightly tumours.

They had even grown over his eyes, leaving him virtually blind.

Mr Qiang was later diagnosed with hemangiomas – benign tumors of the endothelial cells that line blood vessels.

About 30 per cent of hemangiomas are present at birth, with the rest appearing in the first several months of life.

They usually disappear by the age of 10.

Mr Qiang does not work because he rarely left the house due to his appearance.

He was able to have surgery to remove the facial tumours thanks to donations from the public.

Speaking about Mr Qiang’s surgery, chief surgeon Zhou Fei said: ‘He now can feel vague lights, which is good for him. We’ll try our best to let him have a normal life.’

Mr Qiang added: ‘My biggest hope is to support my family and be a volunteer to help others after my recovery.’

Hemangiomas may be either in the top or deep layers of skin – or a mixture of both.

Occasionally, a hemangioma can break down and develop a sore. This can lead to pain, bleeding, scarring or infection.

In severe cases, such as Mr Qiang’s, they can also interfere with breathing, feeding, or other vital functions and so must be treated.

SOURCE: Daily Mail
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