Fabiana Passoni  Fabiana Passoni
Before and after: At 294lbs, Fabiana Passoni was battling her second breast cancer and delivering three healthy babies. Determined to get back to her old self, she lost 100lbs in just four months  
Fabiana Passoni  Fabiana Passoni
Glamour girl: When the 35-year-old was selected as the Best Brazilian Female Singer living in the U.S. by the Brazilian International Press Awards, she decided to lose an extra 20lbs for the red carpet event
A woman who lost 125lbs after two battles with breast cancer and an unexpected pregnancy to triplets, has told of her extraordinary weight loss story.

Fabiana Passoni says she started gaining weight in her teenage years, spending her adolescence yo-yo dieting. At 31, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her weight piled on, which was exacerbated a year later when she began eating for four.

At 294lbs, after delivering three healthy babies and beating her second breast cancer, the 35-year-old was determined to get back to her old self, losing 100lbs in just four months.

As a teenager, Mrs Passoni said she ‘just accepted’ the fact she was overweight.

She told the Huffington Post: ‘From that point on, I really started to gain weight. I moved from Brazil to the United States to try to further my singing career and in no time at all I doubled my weight, going from just plain old fat to super fat. I was a size 28 and was fine with it.’

After several years of roller coaster dieting, losing 100lbs here, and gaining 100lbs there, she said after she got married, she gained another 20lbs and it stuck.

‘Then I got sick with breast cancer,’ she said.

‘I started eating more again to counter what happened during each week of chemotherapy and more weight came back.

‘Then, a year later I was pregnant with triplets, so I was eating for four. I gained more than 100 pounds during the pregnancy. On top of that, one week before I delivered, I found another lump in my breast – another reason to seek solace in food. The cancer was back.’

After she delivered her triplets, and had the cancerous lump removed, she beat cancer for a second time with radiation therapy.

‘Just after that, when I weighed in for my appointment with the oncologist, I was shocked to see 294 on the scale again,’ she said.

Mrs Passoni believes she was at breaking point, and then ‘a miracle life saver’ entered her life.

‘I heard about BodyMedia from a friend and immediately ordered one. I could track every morsel of food I ate, every minute of exercise and even whether I was getting a good night’s sleep. It was like having a doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer supporting me right there on my arm!

‘Each day I tried to burn more calories than I ate. I would also try to trick my metabolism by changing the amount of times that I would eat,’ she explained.

‘One week, I would eat five small portions a day of vegetables, almonds, egg-white omelets, chicken and fish, and the next week I would eat bigger portions but three times a day.

‘I included some plyometric exercises and different weight routines in my workouts. The weight melted like butter on a hot summer day. It was absolutely amazing, and after about four months I had lost that 100 pounds again.’

When Mrs Passino was selected as the Best Brazilian Female Singer living in the U.S. by the Brazilian International Press Awards, she decided to lose another 20lbs for the red carpet event, bringing her total weight loss to more than 125lbs.

‘Now I am a healthy, cancer free, mother of triplets having the best time of my life – and in the best shape,’ she says.
SOURCE: Daily Mail

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