Dadonghai beach provides a nice little beach break for beginners and for the experienced

While the crowds are low, why not skip to Sanya for a surfing weekend.

From around May to Septermber some of the most conveniently accessed surf spots on Hainan are in Sanya. With a consistent wind swell from the south, Dadonghai beach provides a nice little beach break for beginners and for the experienced.

We’ve made a quick little guide to help you get the best deals out of your trip to Sanya.

Blue Sky Hostel and Sanya Backpackers are still favorites amongst the travellers, around RMB 60 for a dorm and 160 for private room. Other smaller basics hotels are available in the DDH area, Ming He Hotel is around RMB 80 per night for your own private room.
Loads of good places to eat DDH, on the beach you have the WOS bar RMB 40-60, back towards the streets are Dolphin Bar RMB 50-70, Casa Mia RMB 50-60, Marco Polo RMB 60-90. Sanya’s seafood restaurants have some bad press though if you shop around you can find a good deal RMB 20-60.
Surf Shops:
DDH Beach now has two new surf shops offering similar deals on rentals and lessons, Surf Sanya Bar and Quiksilver Surf School are both easy to find after a walk on the beach.
From the airport DDH is only around RMB 40.

Quiksilver Surf School has package deals starting from RMB 1,000 – 3,000 including accommodation, equipment and guide. Check out for more details
Have a great surf!! 

SOURCE: Wade Pearce & Insight Adventure for WOS
WOS Bar & Quiksilver Surf School
Shop 30, Dadonghai Beach, Sanya, Hainan (Right on the beach,100m from Pearl River Hotel)
Telephone: 0898-88223937
Mobile: +86-15359868821